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If you are a foreigner or you have a relative/acquaintance who is a foreigner whose Vietnamese visa is about to expire, you must definitely extend your Vietnamese visa to continue staying here. And you are looking for a reputable, quality Vietnam visa extension service that meets your needs quickly and urgently and without having to anxiously wait every day for the visa extension result to be successful or not. Therefore, Viet My’s visa service for foreigners will fully meet your wishes and needs.

1. What is Visa? What’s a stay card?

Currently, many people still do not distinguish between the two types of visa and temporary residence card, as well as the purpose of applying for a visa and temporary residence card. Below, Viet My will share detailed information about visas and temporary residence cards so that you will not be confused when carrying out the procedures.

Visa (also known as visa):

These include exit visas for Vietnamese to go abroad and visas for foreigners to enter Vietnam;

There is a maximum term of 5 years and each visa will be attached to every page of the passport (pasport).

Temporary residence card:

Considered a long-term visa and has visa replacement value;

The maximum validity period is 2 years depending on the type of temporary residence card, but must be at least 30 days shorter than the remaining validity period on the passport.

The biggest advantage of a temporary residence card compared to a visa is that you do not need to go through extension procedures and can still enter and exit the country many times within the term of the temporary residence card.

However, depending on how long the foreigner stays in Vietnam, you will need to carry out visa procedures or temporary residence card procedures for foreigners.

2. Conditions for visa application for foreigners entering Vietnam

This is a very important step in the process of obtaining visas for foreigners to enter Vietnam. See if you have met all the criteria below!

  • Valid passport with more than 6 months remaining
  • Excluded from cases where entry is prohibited or restricted from departure
  • There must be guarantees from agencies, organizations and individuals in Vietnam (except for those who apply for NG1, NG2, NG3, NG4);
  • Documents proving the purpose of entry into foreign countries (depending on the circumstances), such as:
    • Work permit according to the provisions of the Labor Law if applying for a work visa;
    • Documents proving investment according to the provisions of the Investment Law if applying for an investment visa;
    • Practicing license according to the Law on Lawyers if applying for a visa to practice law;
    • Receipt document from the school/educational institution in Vietnam if applying for a student visa…

In addition, depending on the type of visa you need to meet the following:

*Electronic visa requirements (evisa):

– Foreigners who are abroad have not yet entered Vietnam

– Have a valid passport with expiration date

– Excluded from the circumstances of not allowing entry as stipulated in Article 21 of the Law on Immigration, Departure, Transit and Residence of Foreigners in Vietnam.

3. Types of visas for foreigners entering Vietnam

There are many ways to categorize visas, but if classified by immigration purposes, they include the following categories:

  • Tourist visa (DL);
  • Study abroad visa (DH);
  • Electronic visa (EV);
  • Visiting visa (VR, TT);
  • Diplomatic visas (NG1, NG2, NG3);
  • Investment visas (tel 1, Tel2, Tel3, Tel4);
  • Employment and employment visas (LD1, Labour, Invalids, Enterprises, etc.).

4. What kinds of documents are in the visa application for foreigners?

Depending on the purpose for which foreigners apply for visas to Vietnam, the visa application documents will be stipulated differently. However, the dossier will essentially include the following documents:

  • Viet Nam visa application form NA1;
  • Official entry request for foreigners;
  • Passport (with at least 6 months remaining) or papers of international travel value;
  • Documents proving the purpose of entry of foreigners in accordance with regulations (paper proving investment, employment permit, etc.).

5. Procedures for visa application for foreigners entering Vietnam

Procedures for visa application for foreigners entering Vietnam
Procedures for visa application for foreigners entering Vietnam

There are 2 ways to apply for visas for foreigners to enter Vietnam as follows:

– Method 1: Apply for an entry visa for foreigners by applying directly to the Immigration Bureau;

– Method 2: Apply for an online visa for foreigners (electronic visa).

5.1. Procedures for applying for an entry visa for foreigners entering Vietnam directly

Step 1: Apply for an official letter of entry guarantee for foreigners

* Preparing the profile:

Depending on the case where a foreigner is guaranteed by an agency, organization or relative, you will prepare a corresponding set of documents as shared by Viet My in section 4.

* Reception agency:

You apply at one of the two headquarters of the Immigration Bureau – Ministry of Public Security:

  • In Hanoi: 44-46 Tran Phu Street, Ba Dinh, Hanoi;
  • In the city. HCM: 333-335-337 Nguyen Trai, District 1, City. HCM.

Note: Currently, Da Nang does not receive visa applications, when there is a need, you must submit the visa application in Hanoi.

* Time limit for settlement of procedures:

  • Not more than 5 working days: For cases where a foreigner receives a visa at the Embassy/ Consulate of Vietnam abroad; ;
  • Not more than 3 working days: In the case of foreigners receiving visas at international border gate;
  • Within 12 hours: Provided, That in cases where a foreigner attends a funeral of a relative or a relative who is seriously ill or enters Vietnam to handle urgent matters as prescribed.

* Received results:

  • Official entry approval letter from Vietnam Immigration Bureau;
  • The Immigration Bureau notifies the Vietnamese Embassy/ Consulate abroad or immigration authorities at border gates of allowing foreigners to enter the country.

In this case, the agency or individual guarantor must send an official entry letter via email in advance for foreigners to report at the international border gate.

Step 2: Apply for visa application (visa)

* In case of applying for a visa (visa) of Vietnam abroad

  • Upon receipt of an official letter of approval for foreign nationals entering the country, organizations, individuals, and guarantees for foreign nationals entering Vietnam shall notify foreigners to the Vietnamese Embassy/ Consulate abroad for visa application procedures;
  • Deadline for settlement of documents: Within 3 working days from the date of receipt of notification from the immigration authorities, the Embassy/The Consulate of Vietnam abroad will issue visas (visas) to foreigners.

* International border gate visa application

Foreigners apply for visas at the international border gate and pay fees according to regulations. For details on the profile composition, refer to section 4.

After receiving the application, the immigration control unit will check and compare with the notice of the immigration agency and conduct visa issuance right at the international border gate if the application is valid.

5.2. Registration procedures for online visa issuance for foreigners (electronic visa)

Step 1: Access the e-visa issuance information page at the Vietnam Immigration and Arrival Portal;

  • After logging in, foreigners download portraits, passport body pages and enter information as required; ;
  • After completing the step of entering information, the system will issue an electronic profile code to foreigners.

Step 2: Pay the electronic visa issuance fee ($25/electronic visa) after receiving the electronic filing code;

Step 3: Get results:

Within 3 working days (from the date of receiving full information and expenses), the immigration authorities shall notify the results thereof;
If the application is approved, foreigners use the electronic application code to check and print an electronic visa to enter Vietnam.

6. Why should customers choose visa services for foreigners of Viet My Company?

– Our company has over 10 years of experience in consulting and doing visa and paperwork services for foreigners with over 500,000 customers from over 180 countries and territories;

– Our lawyers, experts and consultants who are in-depth experts in immigration and legal advice for foreigners should ensure the best quality of service.

– Our company provides Vietnamese visa extension and documentation services for foreigners in 63 provinces to all foreign businesses and individuals.

– Regarding the payment of translation fees, we issue all legal tax invoices to customers in accordance with the contents of the customer’s use of the service for the convenience of customers to complete tax payment procedures with the enterprise and with the Tax Administration.

Above is information about visa services for foreigners. If you need to use the services of Luat va Ke Toan Viet My or need any further information, please contact hotline 0981 345 339 for immediate advice and support!



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