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In the current era of economic integration, the need to enter and exit countries to deal with work, visit family members, study abroad, tourism, etc. become more popular and more frequent than ever. According to the general regulations of all countries in the world, except for some cases where visas are exempted by inter-country arrangements, most of them must apply for entry and exit visas. Luat va Ke toan Viet My specializes in distributing services with foreign advantages, among which providing visa service is one of our strengths.

1. What is visa service interpreted as?

Visa service is a third party service that supports preparation of documents submitted to the consulate to apply for visas in accordance with law. At the same time, support visa interview practice (if any); appointment schedules, medical examinations, fingerprinting, etc. (if requested by the consulate); responding to information from the consulate (if any). Visa-making services can be handled by an individual or a company on your behalf so that you can be granted an entry visa to a foreign country.

2. Why should Viet My visa service be chosen?

Viet My is a visa-making company with many years of experience in providing services to support student visa applications, tourist visas, visiting visas, working visas, visa extension to the United States, Canada, Australia, UK, Ireland, Japan and Korea… We are committed to providing you with the highest quality service.

– Transparent information: All information related to documents, papers and expenses will be provided fully, clearly, truthfully and accurately by Viet My, in official media channels including websites, fanpage, zalo, etc.

– Accurate commitment: Procedures for working with customers, procedures for making visa applications comply with the laws of Vietnam and the embassy. The appointment time for meeting customers, submitting applications and responding to customers according to the plan set out as planned.

– Mutual respect: Viet My always listens to all customer questions, answers questions, and advises customers the most appropriate service, the papers and procedures to be carried out on the principle of mutual respect.

– Securing customer information: The information customers provide to Viet My during the visa application process is guaranteed to be absolutely secure. We are committed not to disclosing information to third parties without the consent and permission of our customers.

– Dedicated team: The Viet My team will support customers on the principle of the most appropriate service consulting, providing optimal and effective solutions to meet customer requirements to save time, cost, and get a visa the fastest.

– Immediate support: Customers who visit Viet My visa service are always supported to advise and answer any questions 24/7 throughout the seven days of the week, including outside of administrative hours, weekends or holidays and Tet holidays.

Why should Viet My visa service be chosen
Why should Viet My visa service be chosen

3. Process of steps to make a Visa in Viet My

Viet My’s visa service will provide detailed instructions and support customers in all steps of the visa application process. The process of preparing documents and applying for a visa is as follows:

Step 1: Viet My finds out what your purpose for applying for a Visa is? (travel/business/visit relatives/Visa extension…)
Step 2: Explain thoroughly the type of Visa that the customer will apply for (Visa processing time, consular visa fee required, Visa type, stay period and Visa validity period…).
Step 3: Depending on each specific case, Viet My will send a list of documents to prepare as well as Visa service fees for each specific customer.
Step 4: Customers submit documents to Viet My, sign the contract and complete payment of expenses.
Step 5: Viet My will assist customers in processing documents, declaring information and submitting visa applications to the consulate.
Step 6: Interview practice for customers (for US Visa, other countries – if requested by the consulate)
Step 7: Make an appointment for interview/fingerprinting/photographing/health examination (if requested by the consulate).
Step 8: Wait for the results and notify the customer of the decision on Visa issuance.

4. What types of documents are needed to apply for a Visa?

The documents needed to prepare to apply for a visa will vary between visa types. Below are some basic documents that need to be prepared for your reference:

* Personal profile includes:

Original Passport valid for more than 6 months
Notarized copy of ID card/citizen identification card
Original notarized copy of household registration book
Marital status: married/single/divorced/death certificate
Certified copy of birth certificate

* Job profile includes:

– For employees:

  • Notarized copy of labor contract
  • Leave application – original
  • Salary statements for the most recent 3 months
  • Decision on position appointment (if any) – notarized copy

– For business owners:

  • Notarized copy of Business Registration License
  • Tax reports for the most recent 3 months
  • Paper for payment to the state budget

* Financial records include:

  • Certificate of land use rights (if any) – notarized copy
  • Car registration certificate (if any)
  • Confirm savings book balance + photo of original book attached

5. Should Visa services be used?

Visa-making services will save you money and time when applying for a visa. With experience in this field, visa service providers will know exactly what types of documents to prepare and how to respond to interviews so that they do not have to re-apply or fail in visa interviews. As a result, it will save the maximum amount of time to re-apply, while saving the accompanying costs when having to re-apply.

Especially with applications that have been denied visas, the visa-making service provider can support visa re-issuance most effectively and honestly.

Luat va Ke toan Viet My – the leading full-service visa service company in Vietnam, with a commitment to quality and reputation, will help you overcome all barriers and difficulties in applying for a visa. Our staff is always ready to listen and dedicatedly serve each customer. Besides, Viet My also provides online visa package services, helping customers save time and effort in traveling. At Viet My, we are committed to bringing the most convenience and efficiency to each customer, helping them have the best visa experience and prepare for unforgettable journeys to countries around the world. Please accompany us to have the smoothest, safest and most memorable entry and exit journey!



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