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Viet My’s company establishment service in District 2, Ho Chi Minh City, we have launched and have met the needs of customers in District 2 and neighboring districts. With the development of society, people’s demand for goods is increasing, and products and services are also increasing rapidly. If an organization or individual in District 2, Ho Chi Minh City wants to do business with a certain product or service that meets market needs, when does that individual or organization need to “register” for business to meet that need? The market also has a business license. Business registration means “establishing a business” in District 2 of Ho Chi Minh City or registering an individual business household in District 2 to operate legally in accordance with the law.

1. Conditions for being granted a business registration certificate when establishing a company in District 2

  • Your business does not belong to prohibited industries according to state regulations.
  • The head office must be located in District 2 according to the provisions of law
  • Possess valid company registration documents as required by law
  • Pay full business fees according to the provisions of law

2. Company establishment service in District 2

If you plan to use the company establishment service in District 2 and want to find a completely reliable partner and the price is not too high, you can contact Viet My right now. This is a reputable law firm for domestic and international clients, including the most demanding clients. Viet My specializes in Business Consulting for Region 2, Business Establishment, Licensing and many other services such as Accounting Services, Auditing, Business Consulting Services…

2.1 Common difficulties customers encounter when establishing a company in District 2

When carrying out procedures to establish a business in District 2, you often encounter the following difficulties:

  • In case an individual establishes a company, it does not meet the legal conditions for issuance of a business registration certificate.
  • The competent authority to apply for the establishment of a domestic company in District 2 cannot be identified. It is often confused with the authority to establish a business household.
  • Company registration documents are prescribed by law. However, individuals and organizations that do not understand the law will not be able to fill out the form correctly due to lack of documents.
  • Because the number of businesses in District 2 is very large, looking up and naming businesses in District 2 according to the law is not easy for those with no business experience.
  • District 2 has a very developed economy so there are many different types of businesses. This includes conditional occupations, sub-licensing requirements, and related certifications. However, many companies have been fined by inspection authorities because they did not know that procedures had to be completed before starting operations.
  • Supervise and track the document processing process. The date of receipt of documents, request for additional documents or deadline for additional documents has passed. Deadline for supplementing and canceling documents for issuance of Business Registration Certificate.

2.2 Benefits when using company establishment services in District 2

If you choose highly qualified, dedicated and customer-oriented lawyers, then at Viet My you can completely trust in the quality of our staff with extensive legal knowledge. very enthusiastic

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If you have any questions or need further advice, please contact Viet My for more detailed advice. When you come to Viet My, you get:

  • Viet My provides customers with free service and consultation at the most reasonable prices
  • Free search and consulting to determine company names according to the provisions of the Enterprise Law and Intellectual Property Law;
  • Consulting, drafting documents, representing customers in company registration, announcing company registration content
  • Consulting and support in preparing commercial registration certificates and applying for sub-licenses corresponding to the field
  • Consulting on registering seal samples and submitting electronic extracts of seal samples
  • Open a bank account and complete bank account notification procedures
  • Register for a digital signature to declare and submit electronic tax returns
  • In addition, we can also provide specific advice or provide other services related to company establishment such as applying for necessary licenses and certificates; Legal procedures related to finance, accounting, labor, and salaries.

3. Process of using the company establishment service in District 2 in Viet My

Process of using the company establishment service in District 2 in Viet My
Process of using the company establishment service in District 2 in Viet My

The process for customers coming to Viet My to use our District 2 company establishment service includes:

Step 1: Receive documents and customer inquiries: Viet My consultants receive information and questions from customers through direct consultation at the company office and hotline number. You can make an appointment for legal advice.

Step 2: Collect legal knowledge about establishing a business in District 2 for customers. This includes:

  • Choose the type of company when establishing a company in District 2
  • Issues related to the right to establish a company, the right to introduce capital, the right to buy shares, the right to repurchase capital contributions, and the right to manage the company
  • Choosing a Company Name: Is the name of an organization or individual used in business activities to identify and distinguish the named company from other companies.
  • When determining the head office address, it is the place where the company conducts business activities. Therefore, it is necessary to have a specific and accurate address within Vietnamese territory.
  • Determine capital when establishing a company in District 2
  • Business field when establishing a company in district two

Step 3: Support customers in preparing documents.

Each type of company registration document is defined in sections 19 to 22 of the Companies Act 2020.

Step 4: On behalf of the customer, submit an application for a business registration certificate to the competent state agency.

Viet My represents the company to complete related procedures such as: submitting new establishment documents/changing company information, paying fees and receiving results.

Delivery and receipt of company registration documents: The place to receive and process company registration documents located in District 2 is the Department of Planning and Investment of Ho Chi Minh City. However, for some other specialized industries, establishment documents are submitted to other competent authorities. For example, if you want to establish a law firm that is a member of the Ho Chi Minh City Bar Association, you send an application to the Ho Chi Minh City Department of Justice.

Issuance of Business Registration Certificate: Business Registration Certificate is issued after 03-05 days from the date the Business Registration Authority receives all valid documents.

Step 5: Hand over the business registration certificate to the customer and advise on the next steps after establishing a business in District 2.

After being granted the Business Registration Certificate, the company can conduct its business activities (except for conditional economic sectors). However, for the procedures to function properly, companies must complete the following tasks:

  • Disclosure of company registration content: Customers and partners can use the National Company Registration Portal to verify business information after registration.
  • Engrave company seal: The company has the right to decide on the shape and quantity of the seal.
  • Hanging a sign: When the tax authority receives information about a new company, they will check to see if the company actually operates at the registered address. That’s why hanging signs is so important. Businesses must hang signs in the most visible place.
  • Register for an electronic signature: Most procedures with government agencies have moved online and electronic signatures are required to complete these transactions.
  • Bank account: Open at least one bank account and must declare the opened account number to the tax authority within 10 days of receiving the account number. Documents for opening a bank account are as follows:
  • Company charter (original copy);
  • Decision to appoint chief accountant/person in charge of accounting;
  • Decision to issue seal sample;
  • Company registration certificate (notarized copy)
  • Personal legal documents of the legal representative/chief accountant or person in charge of accounting.
  • Create electronic invoices.

4. Frequently asked questions related to company establishment service in District 2

4.1 Does an enterprise have to notify the seal sample after establishing the enterprise?

The Enterprise Law 2020 takes effect from January 1, 2021, the procedure for declaring seal samples will no longer be available. According to the provisions of Article 43 of the Company Law 2020: The company must decide the content, number of seals and manage work according to the provisions of the company charter.

4.2 Where to submit business establishment documents according to regulations?

When establishing a company, customers send documents to the business registration office – Department of Planning and Investment, where the company’s headquarters is located. In case the customer establishing the company is an individual, the application must be submitted to the Provincial People’s Committee where the company is headquartered.

4.3 Does establishing a company in District 2 require permanent residence?

Establishing a company is not based on permanent residence. So you can establish a business in any province without having to prove your residence registration.

4.4 What are the basic taxes that must be paid after establishing a business?

After establishing a company in District 2, the company must pay the following taxes: License fees are determined by registered share capital and annually. However, the first year of company establishment is exempt from license tax; Corporate income tax: Usually 20% of profits, only paid if the company makes a profit; VAT (only payable if tax has accrued).

4.5 Should I choose to establish a limited liability company or a joint stock company?

Each company has advantages and disadvantages. With many years of experience, we have found that companies operating in the fields of manufacturing, construction, import-export… often choose the LLC type, while service companies choose this type of business. . Limited liability is often easier and more convenient, so more people choose it.

Hopefully the above information about company establishment service in District 2 will be useful to you. If you have any questions regarding the process of opening a company/business, please contact LUAT VA KE TOAN VIET MY directly for the best consulting support.

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