Graphic price list for establishing a company
Price list of services for establishing a package company in 2024

Below is price list of services for establishing a package company that Viet My provides so that you can refer to when choosing to use the service. You want to start a business, you want No need to move and wait, you don’t know the business industry, business start-up process, business start-up steps, business start-up conditions, documents and procedures for starting a new business need? If you want to sign up for start-up consulting services, want to start a business quickly and cheaply, need to get a quick business license, don’t like complicated legal procedures, want to save money, this is the place for you.

1. Price list of services for establishing a package company of Viet My

When using company establishment services, many people are concerned about the company establishment service price table. This is a common question, but is there a consulting site that explains systematically and in detail how much the cost of starting a business is? Below, Viet My provides the service price table for establishing a package company. It details the costs of establishing a business in accordance with the steps that Viet My company will take from applying for a business license to completing the procedure.

1.1 Price list of services for establishing a package company – Basic package is only 1,500,000 VND

  • The implementation period for the basic Viet America package is from 7 to 10 days
  • Enterprise type company selection consulting when using services
  • Name consulting company
  • Draft new business charter
  • Prepare business registration dossier
  • Prepare a shareholder’s book
  • Free registration of lessons fees to help businesses
  • The gold version of the business license was delivered to the enterprise
  • Round mark
  • Granting a good number mbbank bank account to the enterprise to use
  • Electronic 100 digit invoice gift

1.2 Price list of services for establishing a package company – Popular package is only 3,800,000 VND

  • Execution time for popular package is only 5 to 7 days
  • Enterprise type company selection consulting when using services
  • Name consulting company
  • Draft new business charter
  • Prepare business registration dossier
  • Prepare a shareholder’s book
  • Free registration of lessons fees to help businesses
  • The gold version of the business license was delivered to the enterprise
  • Round marks, title marks
  • Nice digital bank account mbbank, Teckcombank for business use
  • Digital signature up to 36 months
  • 500-digit electronic bill
  • Sea of mica as a gift
  • Full legal assistance during the first 3 months
  • On behalf of the enterprise, do initial dossiers with the tax authorities
  • Initial exclusive trademark protection registration consultant for enterprises
  • Gift tax administration and corporate accounting handbook
  • Tax declaration, accounting, social insurance

2. Note on the price list of services for establishing a package company of Viet My

The service price table for establishing a package company includes the items listed above, but will not include the following items:

  • Monthly and quarterly tax returns for business
  • Monthly and quarterly tax accounting for business
  • Fee for social insurance registration services for employees
  • Invoice export service fee for enterprises when there is a demand for invoice export
  • Yearly financial statements

The items listed above are “must be” items, so care must be taken when operating. Failure to comply will result in administrative violations of tax, accounting and labor procedures.

Price list of services for establishing a package company of Viet My
Price list of services for establishing a package company of Viet My

3. Consulting on conditions of establishment of company in 2024.

With the company establishment service, we will advise you on the conditions of establishment of companies and enterprises in accordance with the current regulations to ensure that the company is later legally established and in accordance with regulations.

Conditions for establishing a company include:

Establishment and management of enterprises as public officials are not prohibited.

Business establishment organization is operating normally, business establishers over the age of 18 have valid identification documents such as identity cards/citizens’ IDs.

Conditions for establishing another company are as follows:

If there are problems, what difficulties will be consulted and supported specifically by the Viet My Law. As for issues such as the legal representative who is the head of a household dealing in tax liabilities and whose personal tax code has been terminated due to the failure of the former enterprise at the head office, we expect to be resolved soon.

Today, business owners are not required to fully respond to information about legal capital or practice certificates when registering a qualified line of business, making the process of establishing a business much easier.

Complete the procedures for establishing a business quickly in accordance with the following procedure:

  • Step 1: Prepare the dossier of establishing a business quickly and receive information
  • Step 2: Quickly complete the process of issuing a business registration certificate and tax code
  • Step 3: Carry out procedures to engrave circular company stamps quickly and beautifully.
  • Step 4: Prepare the correct internal profile, assign the work to the customer when returning the results

The process of establishing a professional company will ensure that customers do not have to make any effort to travel and do not incur any fees other than the amount agreed in the contract for establishing a company.

Consultation on preparing documents when establishing enterprises and companies

When establishing a company, the company needs to prepare the following documents:

  • You need a certified copy of the business license
  • Copy of citizen ID/ passport of legal representative of companies and organizations

In order to establish an individual-funded company, the following documents are required:

  • A notarized copy of the citizen’s identity/Capital Contributor’s passport.
  • For the establishment of a foreign-invested company, please contact Vietnam My for instructions on preparing the necessary documents.
  • List of documents to be included in the company establishment dossier
  • Request for business registration (Circular Form 01/2024)
  • Copies of identity cards, personal passports, business licenses of notarized capital contribution organizations.
  • The articles of incorporation of enterprises (not applicable to the case of establishing private enterprises)
  • List of company shareholders
  • List of authorized representatives of the institution that establishes the company
  • Certificate of attorney of the applicant for the enterprise.

4. Consulting on the service process of establishing Viet My package company

In Vietnam My, establishing a business is not simply an administrative process, we want to use our experience and in-depth knowledge to provide sincere advice to help our customers establish a business. The Enterprise Accounting Service performs the following tasks:

Step 1: File to prepare for establishing a company

Step 2: Apply to Provincial Business Registration Office

After preparing the application, you submit it to the business registration department of the Department of Planning and Investment where the company’s head office is located.
The normal picture profile resolution period is 3 business days from the date of receipt of a valid file.

Step 3: Apply for a Certificate of Business Registration

When the application is valid, the enterprise will receive an email notifying its approval and go to the Business Registration Department to receive the Certificate of Enterprise Registration.

Step 4: Publish the contents of the company’s registration

After being issued a Certificate of Enterprise Registration, the enterprise must conduct public advertising on the National Portal for Enterprise Registration.

Step 5: Carve the company’s own seal

The company has the right to decide on the form, content and number of its seals. The seal contains company information and company code.

The 2023 Enterprise Law, self-imposed companies will be responsible for the use of company seals themselves and do not need to post a notice on the stamp form as before.

Step 6: Buy a digital signature (token)

Enterprises need digital signatures to register, declare electronic social insurance, pay electronic taxes or transactions on the national one-stop portal and electronic auction.

Companies can contact Viet My to use the best digital signature purchase service.

Step 7: Create an Enterprise Bank Account

After establishing a business, it must open a bank account and then notify the local tax agency of the account number.

When using the business registration service in Viet My, the business will be opened free of charge by the consultant without having to go through the bank to do the paperwork.

Step 8: Request a sublicense for a working day

In addition, additional fees may be incurred depending on the business registration of the enterprise. For example, grant several sub-licenses such as:

Certificate of food hygiene and safety (issued to manufacturing enterprises), certificate of fire prevention (applied to most industries), etc. and other licenses in Viet Nam’s conditional trading system.

5. Why should customers choose Viet My’s company establishment service

Viet My company with more than 15 years of experience in establishing package companies, branches, business offices, and customer representative offices

In addition, we also support the quick revision of the business registration content and receiving inquiries from customers.

We are committed to providing the best legal services to customers, not only to helping customers complete the procedures quickly, but also to ensuring the accuracy and legitimacy of the assigned documents and contracts. In particular, our business start-up service is highly valued by our customers for professionalism, dedication, and responsibility in all phases.

Viet My has an in-depth and experienced team of legal consultants, we can solve legal problems related to the business in the process of operation. Viet My wants to provide all customers with reputable, quality and professional business establishment services.

As for the construction costs, we always offer package prices, committing not to let accidents happen, supporting customers enthusiastically, and saving construction costs for units.

6. Frequently Asked Questions About the price list of services for establishing a package company

6.1 How much money does it need to establish a company in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City?

When you choose the business establishment service of the Viet My Law in Hanoi and HCMC, you only need to pay the package costs of 1,500,000 basic and 3,800,000 general packages.

6.2 If I have a household registration in another province, can I establish a company in HCMC?

Under the Enterprise Law 2020, all Vietnamese citizens in one province can establish companies and enterprises in another province. Therefore, customers outside the province can completely register and set up companies and enterprises in Hanoi and HCMC.

6.3 How long will a business license be obtained when establishing a company?

With the package company establishment service, it only takes 3-7 days for the investment planning department to censor records and issue business licenses to you. Alternatively, you can refer to additional services quickly, complete the business start-up procedure within 24 hours of contacting Viet My.

6.4 Does the tax declaration support after the establishment of Viet My company?

Viet My Law Firm is not only a legal service provider but also an important current tax agent. We are always willing to support and accompany you in the areas of declaration, tax accounting and we would be happy to have the opportunity to serve you.

6.5 Does Viet My’s company establishment service cost incur any further?

The cost of the estimate sheet provided by the Viet My company included all the costs to complete the registration process for the company, the total cost was not incurred at all.

The following is the price list of services for establishing a package company of Luat va Ke toan Viet My. If you are looking for a low-cost professional company to start your business, please contact us, and it’s a pleasure to serve you!

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