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Price list of company establishment services for cheap

Establishing a company requires many processes. Therefore, startup costs are also calculated based on the steps the company needs to register and take. Many customers ask us questions such as: What does the price list of company establishment services include? However, it is not certain that customers know or are provided with enough information about establishing a company such as costs, procedures, documents… Therefore, Viet My recommends that you refer to the price list of company establishment services. company below, which details the costs for each procedure, to clearly understand the specific establishment costs for the case of establishing a company.

1. What is the price list for company establishment services?

The price list for establishing a company is a list of costs associated with establishing a new business. Includes registration fees, fees and other costs related to registering and establishing a company. A price list usually includes costs such as company establishment fees, legal fees, tax consulting fees and office rent.

2. Price list of Viet My’s company establishment services

Viet My’s company establishment services provide professional and effective company establishment support services in this vibrant city. From registration to business licensing, legal advice to financial and tax support, this service helps new businesses access resources and grow in the local business environment.

Viet My provides customers with price lists for company establishment services in provinces and cities nationwide, providing many suitable options.

2.1 Price list of company establishment services – Basic package only 1,500,000 VND

  • Implementation time for Viet My’s basic package is from 7 to 10 days
  • Consulting on choosing the type of company for businesses when using the service
  • Consulting on company naming
  • Prepare new business charter
  • Prepare business registration documents
  • Prepare a shareholder book
  • Register for free of license fee
  • Gold copy business license
  • Round mark
  • Issue bank accounts with beautiful mb bank numbers for businesses
  • Electronic invoice with 100 numbers

2.2 Company establishment service price list – Popular package only 3,800,000 VND

  • Fulfillment time for popular packages is only 5 to 7 days
  • Consulting on choosing the type of company for businesses when using the service
  • Consulting on company naming
  • Prepare new business charter
  • Prepare business registration documents
  • Prepare a shareholder book
  • Register for free of license fee
  • Gold copy business license
  • Round mark, title mark
  • Nice bank account number mb bank, teckcombank
  • Digital signatures are valid for 36 months
  • Electronic invoice with 500 numbers
  • Free mica sign
  • Regular legal support during the first 3 months
  • On behalf of the business, make initial documents with the tax authority
  • Consulting on registration of initial exclusive brand protection for businesses
  • Free tax management and corporate accounting handbooks
  • Tax declaration, accounting, social insurance
Price list of Viet My's company establishment services
Price list of Viet My’s company establishment services

3. Note the costs in the company establishment price list

The price list for establishing a comprehensive company includes the above items but does not include the following items:

  • Monthly and quarterly tax declaration service
  • Monthly and quarterly tax accounting services
  • Social insurance registration service fee for employees
  • Invoice fee when the company issues an invoice
  • Annual financial report fee

The above points are “must do” so you should keep in mind during the process of establishing a company. Failure to comply will result in penalties for violating tax, accounting and labor management procedures.

4. What do you need to prepare to perform the full company establishment service in Viet My?

When applying for a business package, it is extremely important to prepare supporting documents and information about the target company. You need to prepare the following prerequisites:

  • Make notarized copies of Citizen Identification Cards/ID cards/Passports within 3 months of all members/capital contributing shareholders. If you cannot get a certified copy after the deadline, please submit the original so Nam Viet Luat can draft a notarized copy.
  • Prepare 1-3 possible duplicate company names and immediately fill in alternative names (you should choose a company name that suits your business reality. Viet My’s company establishment service Look up company names to determine whether the name is valid or not duplicated in the registration system). Prepare your company address.
  • What is the estimated investment to start a company?
  • Choose a location to establish the company
  • Appoint directors and legal representatives.

After receiving the information, Viet My will perform all tasks on your behalf such as preparing documents, submitting documents, receiving licensing results, stamping the business seal and sending the results.

5. Required procedures after obtaining the business registration certificate

  • Make your first tax declaration at the tax office where the company is headquartered.
  • Buy a digital signature to be able to declare royalties and pay royalties online (depending on the company’s registered capital, companies over 10 billion pay 3 million/year, companies under 10 billion pay 2 million/year)
  • Opening a bank account is mandatory
  • Register to pay taxes online.
  • Place a sign at the headquarters (to prove the company exists at that address):
  • According to regulations, after establishment, a company must attach a sign to prove the company’s operations.
  • Approve the use of invoices and carry out procedures to register for invoice issuance. If you have not completed the invoice issuance procedure, it is likely that your company will not be able to issue red invoices to customers
  • Issuing false invoices is heavily fined by tax authorities, and recovering incorrect invoices takes a lot of time.

6. Reasons why customers should use Viet My company establishment services

Vietnam My’s package business establishment service in HCMC is now trusted by many companies/individuals/organizations. With more than 10 years of experience in providing legal, licensing, accounting and tax packages, we offer the fastest and most authoritative packages today. If you choose Viet My’s services, you will definitely receive a very attractive company start-up price.

Free consultation by Viet My lawyer to select the preferred type of company, business content is appropriate to the reality, the initial capital amount corresponds to the company, not for the benefit of the company but to choose the name of the beautiful company. Repeat and initial prerequisites for the implementation of the business establishment procedures.

Always on time, you will receive a business registration certificate in just 3-5 days and your commercial seal a day later. Customers do not need to travel (only in Vietnam). Viet My staff will prepare the application, go to the place to sign the application, issue a license, and stamp it.

With our motto, we advise and support until your company runs smoothly.

If you are still in trouble, contact Viet My to select a low-cost company parcel delivery service.

  • It is not certain which type of company should be chosen according to the size of your company?
  • Are you looking for a low-cost virtual office to place your company’s headquarters?
  • Not sure how to name a good company or choose a good office address?
  • Aren’t you familiar with the post-establishment accounting and tax returns?
    There is a business dispute and don’t know how to solve it? Are you having difficulty registering and protecting your business brand?
  • Not sure how to market and manage your business easily and cheaply?
  • Contacting and using our and Viet America’s comprehensive business registration service for business will solve all problems for free.

7. Frequently asked questions about company establishment service price list

7.1 If the charter capital is small when establishing a company, how much license tax should you pay?

The amount of license tax paid depends on the company’s capital.

  • If the company’s registered capital is over 10 billion VND, the contribution is 3,000,000 VND/year.
  • Enterprises with registered capital of less than 10 billion VND must pay 2,000,000 VND/year.
  • Representative offices, branches, establishments, public service units and other economic organizations pay 1,000,000 VND/year.

7.2 Are newly established businesses exempt from license tax?

According to Circular 81/2021/TT-BTC, Article 51, first sentence, point c clearly states that subjects exempt from license fees include:

  • New company (new tax law, new company code).
  • Individuals, households, groups of individuals doing business for the first time.

7.3 Should 3 members choose to register a Limited Company or a Joint Stock Company when establishing a company?

A two-member limited liability company consists of two members and a maximum of 50 investors.

The mass company has at least three founding shareholders and does not limit the number of shareholders who contribute capital.

Depending on the size of the company, you should choose the appropriate business plan. Usually, companies conducting basic commercial business choose the form of limited liability companies, while companies operate in real estate, construction, etc. choose the form of a limited liability company.

7.4 Does the newly established company have many legal representatives?

According to Article 12, Clause 2 of the 2020 Enterprise Law, the Company may appoint one or more legal representatives. The number of legal representatives stipulated in the charter of the company.

7.5 Should tax closing procedures be carried out if the address is different from the district?

An enterprise must complete the preparation of a tax return at the tax agency before making changes to the business registration at the business registration agency, and then submit the application for change of business registration information to the commercial licensing department.

Above is the price list of company establishment services and procedure costs at the time of establishment. Hopefully the above article is a useful source of information for those wondering how much it costs to establish a business. If you still have questions and need specific and timely advice, please contact VIET MY LAW AND ACCOUNTING directly for advice.

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