Graphic price list for establishing a company
Price list for company establishment services of Viet My in 2024

On the market today, there are many companies offering price list for company establishment services, establishing a branch, establishing a business office, opening a representative office,… with many different prices. Easily find attractive incentives with cheap company establishment services such as: 200,000, 399,000, 555,000, 577,000… or “fast”, “fast”, “same day”, etc. “Don’t trust” and “Don’t fall into their trap”. Be a smart user and know how to choose a reputable place. So is Viet My a place for you to trust? Please refer to it!

1. Price list for company establishment services of Viet My

The price list of business establishment services is a common concern of many people when intending to use business establishment services. This question comes up a lot, but are there any consulting websites that systematically explain in detail the costs of starting a business? Viet My will then refer to the company establishment service estimate detailing the company establishment costs in accordance with the procedures implemented by Viet My company from applying for a business license to completing the company establishment procedures.

1.1 Price list for company establishment services – Basic package only 1,500,000 VND

  • Implementation time for the basic package of Viet My company is from 7 to 10 days
  • Consulting on choosing the type of company for businesses when using Viet My’s services
  • Consulting on company names for businesses
  • Prepare new business charter according to regulations
  • Prepare business registration documents according to regulations
  • Prepare a shareholder book
  • Register for free license fees when first establishing a company
  • Gold copy business license
  • Round mark
  • Issue bank accounts with beautiful mb bank numbers for businesses
  • Electronic invoice with 100 numbers

1.2 Price list of company establishment services – Popular package only 3,800,000 VND

  • Implementation time for Viet My’s popular package is only 5 to 7 days
  • Consulting on choosing the type of company for businesses when using Viet My’s services
  • Consulting on company names for businesses
  • Prepare new business charter according to regulations
  • Prepare business registration documents according to regulations
  • Prepare a shareholder book
  • Register for free license fees when first establishing a company
  • Gold copy business license
  • Give round stamps and title stamps
  • Beautiful bank account numbers mb bank, techcombank
  • Digital signatures are valid for 36 months
  • Electronic invoice with 500 numbers
  • Free mica sign
  • Regular legal support during the first 3 months of establishment
  • On behalf of the business, prepare initial documents for the tax authority
  • Consulting on registration of initial exclusive brand protection for businesses such as company name, brand product name
  • Give away tax management and accounting handbooks when the business is first established
  • Help with tax declaration, accounting, social insurance

2. Company’s business establishment service process

To help you open your business easily, quickly and successfully 100%, Vietnam always checks every step of the process carefully, meticulously avoiding errors and strictly following the regulations of the law.

Step 1: Get customer profile information

Viet My advises customers as soon as necessary information is received. You will need to provide information such as:
Expected company name, expected company address, expected business activities, initial capital and membership. We advise and support the selection of appropriate service package for establishing a company at reasonable cost.

Step 2: Create Profile

Viet My supports customers to complete and supplement legal documents in accordance with law.

Step 3: Email the customer if they want to preview the profile

Viet My promptly sends review, supplementation, and change records to customers

Step 4: Print your profile, send it to your client, sign and receive your first provision

Once you have filled out the establishment papers, print them out and send them to your client for signature.

Step 5: Receive signed customer records, browse the records and submit them.

All procedures and procedures will be handled promptly and legally by Viet My as soon as receiving signed customer records.

Step 6: Submit your results and collect the rest of the fee.

Viet My will issue the license and seal itself to customers after completing the procedures for establishing the company and collecting service fees for establishing the remaining company.

Step 7: Provide tax services to the newly established company

If you need to provide tax, accounting, invoice printing, stamping, and digital signatures services, Viet My will advise and support customers on their own or on your behalf. The first tax procedure must be done when establishing a business.

All documents and procedures are handled most completely and quickly, eliminating the frequent work of having to go on business trips and incomplete paperwork. With advice and support for the necessary procedures after starting a business, you can confidently move forward on your business path and achieve early success. If you have any questions about our service, please contact Viet My. Get professional and prompt counseling.

Price list for company establishment services of Viet My
Price list for company establishment services of Viet My

3. What benefits does Vietnam My’s company establishment service offer?

You will be provided with advice, guidance, and preparation of important preliminary information. As follows:

a. Tips for setting up your business registration address

Address of the office / branch office / representative office / address of the planned local consultation office. If you do not already have a business location address, Viet My can advise you to choose the appropriate business address. With a business address, new companies can register to start a business. Therefore, enterprises must prepare the exact company address, especially the company address located in the territory of Vietnam. Don’t use fake addresses. Placing your business address in an apartment building, dormitory or area prohibited from using it as a working address is prohibited. In order to save money, the company can use its own house or borrow the home address of friends and relatives as the company registration address when establishing the company…

b. Enterprise Type Selection Consulting

In order to open a business in Hanoi, it is necessary to select the appropriate type of business to facilitate its establishment and start-up. Companies should be instructed on the amount of capital invested, business conditions or wishes of the company and choose the type suitable for the company. Currently, companies can choose from registration methods such as joint stock companies, single-member limited companies, two or more member limited companies, and partnerships. Each has its own advantages and limitations.

c. Consultation on self-reliance and start-up capital

To start a business, you need to raise capital. The level of capital may depend on the financial capacity or the sector’s minimum capital requirements. We advise on determining the level of basic capital, on organizing legal capital appropriate to the economic sector and appropriate to practice, on subject tax, income tax, VAT, and on chemical production entities.

In addition, the company must declare equity when establishing the company. This amount of capital may have to be proved and in some cases not. Because there are currently no specific regulations on the maximum or minimum capital that a company must declare when registering to establish a company. In other words, the company can register a registered capital of several million to several billion VND

d. Business naming tips in Hanoi

The company name must have a complete structure including your company type and your own name. The correct names written in the Vietnamese alphabet are the letters F, J, Z, W, numbers and symbols. Companies must not use rude words and symbols in their names. The use of the name of a state agency to name a company is strictly prohibited. In particular, companies must not have the same company name as those previously registered. To avoid having the same name, you should find out carefully before registering the name of the business.

e. Consultation related to company registration

For trade, sales and manufacturing, companies must register related industries to realize their business purposes.
If a company registered to operate without conditions, it is not required to comply with the conditions but can operate its business immediately after being licensed.

If the company registered in the field of operation needs conditions, it must meet capital requirements, training certificates, business licenses, etc. It’s just been activated. We refer to the latest Vietnamese economic system to select the appropriate four business sectors. Consultation on the selection of business directions according to the conditions of practice certificates and legal capital. Know if your business needs terms, Consultation with legal representatives

The legal representative of the company is responsible for fulfilling the rights and obligations transferred in an honest, careful and best manner to protect the legitimate interests of the company. Therefore, he must be a person who is qualified, experienced and able to perform the duties of the legal representative of the company.

There could be a CEO, a director… However, the representative may be changed after the company is established, so if it is not satisfied, it can take steps to change the representative.

4. Frequently asked questions about price quotes for company establishment services

4.1 What should be the name of the business when establishing a company?

Companies operating in Vietnam must have a Vietnamese name and an English name. A company may also have an abbreviated name. Company name in Vietnam is used to refer to the structure and field of operation of the company. The name is different from other fields of operation.

4.2 Where should you register your business address when establishing a business?

Not all addresses can be used for business registration. The address must be the address of a rental apartment or office building, the owner of which has a license to operate as an office building.

4.3 What is the legal structure of a business when establishing a business?

Depending on the amount of capital contributed by investors, the company can be established as a one-member limited liability company, a limited liability company with two or more members, or a joint stock company.

4.4 Who will be the legal representative and work permit holder in Vietnam?

Investors must appoint a legal representative in Vietnam to supervise business activities and be responsible before the law in Vietnam. In case the legal representative is a foreigner, capital investor or owner of a joint stock company, or member of the board of directors of a joint stock company registered to operate in Vietnam, the work permit is exempted. active in Vietnam.

4.5 How long does it take to establish a company in Vietnam according to regulations?

It depends on the type, size and whether or not the necessary conditions are present. It takes 30 working days to generate a simple minimum capital without conditions. Establishing a conditional investment company or trading company in Vietnam takes time due to the involvement of several government agencies approving the investment project and takes 60 days.

The price list for company establishment services has been mentioned in detail above. Thousands of customers and businesses have trusted and chosen VIET MY LAW AND ACCOUNTING for many years. If you are planning to establish a business, please contact Viet My for more detailed advice on establishing a business. We are always ready to support customers 24/7 to make your business journey easier and more convenient.

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