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Are you planning to travel, study or work in Korea? Visa procedures can be considered a complicated process and take a lot of time. Don’t worry, Viet My will help you through this step in the most convenient and quickest way. With our professional Korean visa service, you will not need to waste time standing in line or traveling to the consulate. With the experience that Viet My has gathered during more than 10 years of providing Korean visa service, your Korean visa approval rate will certainly reach 98.6%. Update with Viet My today!

1. What is Korean Visa?

A Korean visa is a permit to enter Korea, issued by the Korean Embassy in Vietnam.

Korean visas are issued for entry purposes such as tourism, vacation, leisure, business, visiting, working or studying, etc.

Korean visa holders can enter the country once or more within a minimum of 3 months, 1 year or 5 years, 10 years. The maximum length of stay is 15 days, 30 days or 90 days depending on each visa application purpose.

2. Who are the Korean visa applicants?

Every Vietnamese citizen residing outside Korea should be responsible for applying for a suitable Korean visa for each purpose except for those on the following visa waiver list:

  • Vietnamese citizen has a passport for official entry into Korea for official purposes
  • Vietnamese citizens have an official passport, diplomatic passport and APEC card – APEC Business Travel Card (with ordinary passport) if they travel less than 90 days
  • You are a flight waiting at the Korean airport to continue your trip to Europe
  • You have a re-entry permit to Korea
  • You are people who travel to Korea often or on business trips.
  • Transit friends who stay in transit area and transfer planes without going out

In addition, if you are a Vietnamese citizen who came to Jeju Island, you will be exempted from Korean visa. In particular, Vietnamese citizens will be allowed to enter Jeju if the following conditions are met:

  • Tours must be registered through travel agencies licensed by the Korean government
  • You need to get the first and last flight ticket to Jeju Island, but there’s a transit at Incheon Airport or Gimpo Airport.
  • Travel in Jeju must be completed before transit to the mainland in Incheon or Seoul.

3. What kinds of documents are included in the Korean visa application form?

What kinds of documents are included in the Korean visa application form
What kinds of documents are included in the Korean visa application form

*Identification documents:

  • Original passport has more than 6 months left
  • Notarized ID or comments
  • 2 photos 4*6 white background – new, good, clear photos
  • Copy the last 3 months personal account with the bank red seal
  • Photo marriage registration or photo divorce decision (if any)

*Proof of occupation:

– Office worker:

  • Copy labor contract with a red stamp/ or appointment decision of the business where the work is located
  • Last 3 months’ pay sheet

– Business owner : notarized business registration + tax return for the last 3 months with a red stamp.

– Self-employed and housewife : apply for a stamp resume of the ward or commune police… The self-employed image is printed out to further prove if there is any.

– Students notarize their student ID or certify the school’s seal.

*Finance proof:

– Double-sided copies of the bankbook (sent 1 month in advance, with a maturity of more than 3 months)

  • Pay one’s principal savings account for comparison
  • Or online bankbook (submit app screen shot)

– The bank’s confirmation of the balance of the savings book at the current time is marked with a red mark (valid within 14 days).


  • Supplement of notarized copies of red books or automobile documents
  • Addition of social insurance PHOTO + degree of photocopying (if any)
  • If there is no passbook, support for transferring passbook (because the original book must be rented against the embassy)
  • If the business is self-employed or housewife, it can be confirmed in the commune.

4. Korean visa process in Viet My

Step 1: Receive advice and instruct customers to prepare necessary documents.

Step 2: Sign a Korean visa service contract, receive the original file.

Step 3: Supporting clients to process documents, including: Fill out the declaration form; identity card; ID card; ID card; ID card; and schedule the trip.

Step 4: Schedule an appointment to apply for a Korean visa.

Step 5: Replace customers who apply at the KVAC Visa Center.

Step 6: Follow the records, notify the results of the application and deliver the visa to Korea at home to customers.

5. Benefits of Using Korean Visa Service in Viet My

When you choose to use Viet My’s Korean visa service, we commit to:

  • 24/7 customer consulting support with hotline number: 0981 345 339
  • Korean visa approval rate is likely to be up to 99%
  • Assist you in completing the declaration and related documents according to the Embassy’s accurate checklist
  • Processing documents quickly, helping you apply for a Korean visa as quickly as possible
  • Support for making appointments with the Korean visa center
  • Support for submitting and receiving results with escrow service
  • All-inclusive fee, no additional costs including: embassy fee, Center fee, service fee,…
  • Support for booking the best Korean air tickets and hotels at the most preferential prices

Note: Viet My does NOT provide 100% Korean visa service, but we will dissect each set of your documents in detail, offering appropriate solutions from there to help you have a complete set of documents. Strong Korean visa application, guaranteed pass rate up to 99%.

Korean visa service provides the best solution to help customers solve problems related to applying for a Korean visa. We help customers save maximum time, effort and avoid unnecessary problems. With our Korean visa in absentia service, you only need to provide personal information and relevant documents, and we will take care of everything from A-Z.

Luat va Ke toan Viet My provide a full package of Korean visa-making services including: applying for a Korean visa, selling plane tickets to Korea, booking hotels in Korea, traveling tours, Korea tourism insurance, etc. to help customers have the safest, most convenient and complete trip to Korea.



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