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Full package company establishment services in District 1 in 2024

District 1 is a district where many companies and businesses have been established here. Among them, many individuals and organizations have chosen Viet My’s prestigious company establishment services in District 1. To save time performing company establishment procedures, choosing to use our comprehensive company establishment service is the right choice. Viet My always hopes to be able to accompany you in the process of establishing a company in District 1.

1. Conditions for establishing a company in District 1

Conditions on the name of the company

  • The name of the company must include the type of business and the proper name;
  • The company’s name must not be identical or likely to cause confusion with the names of previously registered companies.

Conditions for the company’s headquarters

  • The company’s headquarters must be registered upon incorporation;
  • The company’s headquarters must be in Vietnam, the address is clear and recorded according to the administrative boundaries;
  • The company’s headquarters must not be located in apartment buildings or dormitories without commercial functions.

Conditions of industry and business

  • The registered business line is not on the list of prohibited or restricted businesses;
  • Business lines must be recorded according to level 4 code specified in Decision 27/2018/QD-TTg or according to specialized laws.

Conditions for legal representatives

  • From 18 years old or older;
  • Have full capacity for civil acts;
  • Not belonging to the subjects prohibited from establishing a company and managing a business;
  • Tax codes are not suspended on tax administration and business management data;
  • The legal representative is not necessarily a capital contributor to the Company.
  • The legal representative must have a contact address in Vietnam.

Conditions on charter capital

  • There are no specific regulations on minimum charter capital, however for some industries with legal capital requirements, the minimum charter capital is equal to or greater than the legal capital.
  • Charter capital must be fully contributed within 90 days from the date of issuance of the business registration certificate.

Conditions for members and founding shareholders

The person establishing the company must be over 18 years old, the organization establishing the company must be a legal entity and not fall into the cases specified in Clause 2, Article 17 of the Law on Enterprises 2020.

2. Process of establishing a company in District 1

When establishing a company in District 1, individuals and organizations need to prepare complete documents and follow the prescribed procedures.

2.1 Company establishment profile in District 1

Documents needed to prepare to establish a company in District 1 include:

  • Application for company registration according to the form prescribed in Circular 01/2022/TT-BKHDT.
  • Draft of the company’s charter in case of establishing a one-member limited liability company, two-member limited liability company, joint stock company or partnership.
  • Authorization document for the person to submit the application in case he or she is not the legal representative of the submitting company
  • List of company members (for limited liability companies with two or more members) or List of founding shareholders (for joint stock companies).
  • Copies of personal identification documents such as identity card, citizen identification card or passport of the owner and capital contributing members or shareholders.
  • Other documents depend on the form and conditions according to the profession that the individual or organization chooses.

2.2 Procedures for establishing a company in District 1

Step 1: Prepare documents to establish a company in District 1

We have provided preparation documents in the section above.

Step 2: Submit company establishment documents to the provincial business registration agency

After preparing documents and documents, the applicant will submit them to the Business Registration Office under the Department of Planning and Investment where the company will be headquartered.

+ Address of Ho Chi Minh City Investment Registration Office: 32 Le Thanh Ton, Ben Nghe, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City.

+ Address of Ho Chi Minh City Business Registration Office: No. 90G, Tran Quoc Toan Street, Vo Thi Sau Ward, District 3, Ho Chi Minh City

+ Phone number:

+ Email:

+ Website of Ho Chi Minh City Department of Planning and Investment:

Processing time for company establishment documents in District 1 is 3 working days from receipt of all valid documents.

Step 3: Receive business establishment registration certificate

After receiving all valid documents, the company will receive notification via email of approval and go to the Business Registration Office to receive a business registration certificate.

Step 4: Announce the business registration content

After being granted a business registration certificate, the company must make a public announcement on the National Business Registration Portal. The published content includes the contents of the Business Registration Certificate and the following information:

Registered business lines and occupations;
List of founding shareholders; List of shareholders who are foreign investors for the joint stock company (if any).

The time limit for announcing the business registration content is 30 days from the date of issuance of the business registration certificate.

Step 5: Engrave the company’s seal

The company has the right to decide on the form, content and number of the company’s seal, but the content of the seal must show information about the company name and company code.

According to the Enterprise Law 2020, the company engraves its own seal and must be responsible for using the company’s legal seal. Besides, there is no need to post a notice announcing the company seal sample as before. .

Step 6: Buy digital signature (token)

To submit tax reports and financial reports according to legal regulations, the company needs to purchase an electronic signature. Currently, there are electronic digital signatures from popular providers such as ACC, Viettel, BKAV, VNPT…

Step 7: Open a bank account for the company

Contact any desired bank to open a bank account for the company, bringing the director’s seal and ID card or power of attorney (in case of authorization). There is no need to notify the company’s bank account to the business registration agency and tax authorities.

Step 8: Register for sublicenses for conditional business lines

Some commonly registered sub-licenses include: food hygiene and safety certificate (provided to food production and trading companies); Fire prevention certificate (applies to almost all occupations); Transport business license (applicable to transport business companies);… along with other sub-licenses in the system of Vietnamese conditional business lines.

3. Company establishment service in District 1 of Viet My

Company establishment service in District 1 of Viet My
Company establishment service in District 1 of Viet My

Currently, when establishing a company in Vietnam, it must be done in accordance with the correct order, documents and procedures at the competent state agency for business registration according to the provisions of the Enterprise Law 2020. The process of establishment Setting up a company in District 1 includes many different steps and sequences. If you do not clearly understand the regulations, this process will take a very long time.

When using Viet My’s District 1 company establishment service, you will receive:

  • Consulting on establishing a company in Quan 1 includes information about charter capital, location, company type, business lines, company name…;
  • Prepare documents to establish a District 1 company according to current regulations;
  • On behalf of the company, the company’s representative submitted the application to establish a company in District 1 at the Department of Planning and Investment
  • Representing the company to receive the business registration certificate at the Department of Planning and Investment
  • Hand over the results of company establishment on-site according to customer’s request including Certificate of company registration and seal (if any);
  • Consulting on tax issues and legal procedures that need to be carried out after the company is granted an operating license.

4. Frequently asked questions related to company establishment services in District 1

4.1 Can I authorize procedures to establish a company in District 1?

Have. Pursuant to Article 12 of Decree 01/2021/ND-CP regulating authorization to carry out company establishment procedures.

4.2 How much capital is needed to establish a company in District 1?

Except for industries that require deposits and legal capital, individuals and organizations establishing companies must declare and be responsible for the declared capital of the enterprise without being required to have new capital. can establish a company.

4.3 Do I need a degree to establish a company in District 1?

According to the provisions of the Enterprise Law 2020, in order to simplify documents and procedures for registering a company, the Business Registration Office will not require the company to prove relevant qualifications. However, when going into operation, depending on the specific industry, the company needs to prove its qualifications related to its business activities such as education, veterinary medicine, construction…

4.4 Can a household registration in another province establish a company in District 1?

According to the Enterprise Law 2020, Vietnamese citizens in these provinces and cities can establish companies in other provinces and cities, so establishing a company in Ho Chi Minh City for people with household registration in Other provinces are allowed.

4.5 If I establish a company in District 1 without revenue, do I have to declare taxes after establishment?

Newly established companies that do not generate revenue still have to submit a corporate income tax finalization declaration. The purpose of tax declaration is so that tax authorities can control the company’s financial situation and serve as a basis for determining the tax level to be paid. Therefore, in case the company has not yet generated revenue, it still must complete tax declaration procedures.

Above is an article about Company establishment services in District 1 in 2024. In case you have difficulty establishing a company or have questions related to this issue, please contact LUAT VA KE TOAN VIET MY immediately for further advice and to receive additional incentives!

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