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Full company establishment price in Viet My

You want to register for business establishment consulting services, want to establish a business quickly and cheaply, and want a full company establishment price. You want to apply for a business license quickly, hate complicated legal procedures, and want to save costs when establishing a company. What are you waiting for? Immediately consult Viet My’s services.

1. What do you need to prepare to register a company?

Enter business address: Viet My will check in advance to see if the desired address is approved before submitting the business establishment application.

Drafting a company name: Viet My experts will check in advance whether the company name is allowed or not, whether it is duplicated or not and advise the company on a company name suitable for the industry and field. business.

Identify your business: Just define general terms like construction, interior design, or real estate. Viet My experts develop and apply detailed industry codes according to Vietnamese regulations. Current company law. We will also advise you on which profession to register to avoid future tax problems.

Determine the company’s capital: This is the share capital on which the company’s operations rely. If the company has many shareholders, please provide the amount of capital contributed by each shareholder to Viet My. Based on your size, Viet My will advise on the amount of capital you should initially register to avoid unnecessary tax procedures later.

Please prepare ID card/citizen identification card/passport (notarized copy) of all depositors for up to 3 months. If not notarized, only submit the original. Viet My supports free authentication.

Viet My will do the rest for you.

2. Full company establishment price in Viet My

To ensure that your business can be opened easily and quickly and that you start a business 100% successfully, Viet My always carefully and meticulously checks each step of the process to avoid errors and comply comply with the law.

2.1 Viet My’s business establishment service process

Step 1: Get customer profile information.

Viet My will advise you as soon as it receives the necessary information. You must provide information such as expected company name, expected company address, description of expected business lines, and initial member capital contribution ratio. We advise and support the selection of a suitable company establishment service package at an affordable cost.

Step 2: Create your profile

Viet My supports customers in completing and fully supplementing legal documents according to the provisions of law. Records include:

  • Business registration form
  • Draft of Company’s charter
  • List of shareholders and founding members
  • Notarized copy of ID card/passport/ID card of the member or founding partner

Step 3: Email the customer if they want to preview the profile.

Viet America promptly sends review, supplementation, and change records to customers

Step 4: Print out the application form, send it to the customer to sign and receive the first installment payment

Once you have filled out the establishment papers, print them out and send them to your client for signature.

Step 5: Receive signed customer records, browse and submit them.

All procedures and procedures will be legally and quickly resolved by Viet My as soon as receiving signed customer records.

Step 6: Submit your results and collect the remaining fees. Viet My will issue the license and seal itself to customers after completing the procedures for establishing the company and collecting service fees for establishing the remaining company.

Step 7: Provide tax services to start-ups

If you have the need to provide tax services, manage accounts, print invoices, engrave stamps, create digital signatures, Viet My will advise and support customers to do procedures on their own or on behalf of the increase. Tax procedures at incorporation.

2.2 The difference is only in Viet My’s company establishment service

Free consultation from A to Z: Direct consultation from our team of lawyers on industry regulations, charter capital, company establishment conditions,… depending on the business needs of each company .

Completion speed: Viet My Accounting can quickly complete the establishment documents within 120 minutes according to the company’s needs.

Commitment on time: Within 3 days, Viet My Accounting will receive the business license and legal seal on behalf of the company at the company headquarters.

Free door-to-door delivery service: Our free door-to-door delivery service includes signing the incorporation papers at your home and handing over the business license and company seal at your home. At the same time, only with Vietmy’s service, customers do not need to contact the Department of Planning and Investment, go for notarization, ID card or passport notarization. Viet My Accounting will take care of the necessary legal procedures on your behalf.

Free tax advice and tax accounting support: The company registration process is in the early stages but is only a small part of the company’s operating process. Issues after establishment, especially taxes and accounting, are important issues that directly affect management. As a leader in the field of tax accounting, Viet My advises on tax calculation methods, types of taxes, invoices, etc. This allows companies to operate in compliance with the law while optimizing the taxes they owe.

3. How much does it cost to establish a comprehensive company?

The cost of starting a particular business depends on many factors. However, the main factors to be taken into account when estimating the cost of establishing a business are business registration fees (200,000 to 3,000,000 VND), notary fees (50,000 to 500,000 VND) and registration tax (150,000 VND). up to 3,000,000 VND). Fees (1,000,000 to 3,000,000 VND) and other costs such as consulting fees, document fees, taxes, invoices, etc. Total costs can range from millions of VND to tens of millions of VND.

How much does it cost to establish a comprehensive company?
How much does it cost to establish a comprehensive company?

3.1 Company establishment price according to state regulations

Fees must be paid

  • Business registration fees are paid to the Department of Planning and Investment.
  • Business registration fee: 50,000 VND/time.
  • Information disclosure fee: 100,000 VND/time,
  • Free |For businesses registering electronically,
  • Free for founding members | Enterprises pay fees directly via electronic payment service (according to Circular No. 47/2017/TT-BTC)

Contents of the fee for announcing the contents of enterprise registration: According to Circular 47/2013/TT-BTC, the public fee | of the contents of enterprise registration is 100,000 VND/time.

Cost of Carving Company Seal: The cost will vary depending on the specific service provider and the type of seal required by the company. The company’s price of counterfeit oil ranges from 200,000 to 300,000 VND. The CEO’s seal, chairman’s seal… 70,000 to 150,000 dong.

Cost of making company signboards: Depending on the production unit and the needs of the company, the material, size, and cost of making the signboards are different.

Fee for purchasing digital signatures (token): When losing digital signatures, enterprises can contact digital signature providers such as Viettel, Vina, and ViCa. The cost of digital signatures varies by vendor and age. translate.

Opening Bank Accounts and Submitting Account Closing Records: The process of opening accounts is free. However, companies need to secure a certain amount of money and the minimum amount of accounts varies depending on the size and type of bank.

Establishment and payment of loyalty: Royalty is divided into two tiers based on the initial capital of the company. Branch offices, representative offices, facilities, career units, economic organizations are common. The subject is VND 1,000,000/year.

Issuance of electronic invoices: Electronic invoice software purchase fee: 2,000,000 (500 sheets) Depending on the number of electronic invoices purchased, the annual fee for electronic invoice software is 1,000,000 to 3,000,000 (newly established company) applicable for the first 6 months of the fiscal year; tax registration number, tax code, business code, and annual fee payment if established. If you have registered tax and have paid your tax code and company code within the last 6 months of the year (50% of the total annual exam fee).

3.2 Price to set up a company for a full package of services

The full company establishment price will include the following packages:

Basic package: 1,500,000 VND

  • Prepare documents for investment, company members and shareholders
  • Drafting charters
  • Publish your company statement on the National Business Portal
  • Business registration license (company license)
  • Corporate tax code
  • Support consulting and guidance for first-time customers to do their own tax procedures
  • It’s free to open a bank account and above all, you can choose a nice account number

Full package: 3,800,000 VND {Results returned within 5 -7 days}

  • Support checking the company name first to avoid the same name as another company
  • Prepare capital investment documents/members/shareholders
  • Drafting company charter
  • Publish new business applications on the national business portal
  • Register import-export codes for companies with import-export activities
  • Company tax code
  • Business license
  • License fees will be declared upon registration and other initial reports
  • Consulting, recommending and supporting issues related to value-added invoicing for businesses.
  • Support consulting and guiding customers to self-perform tax operations and report electronic invoices for the first time.
  • Engrave company seal (round or square according to company requirements)
  • Supports title label engraving
  • Free premium mica sign
  • Open a free bank account and choose a particularly beautiful MB BANK account number
  • Support and consulting on brand protection and exclusive trademarks according to intellectual property law
  • Support finding and renting a business registration address (for customers who do not have a business address)
  • Commitment to regular support and legal advice for your company (business issues)

4. Why should package business start-up service be used?

The company establishment service knows the procedures and basics for establishing a new company, they tell us what we need to prepare and complete our business in the future.

Thanks to the experience gained during the company establishment and registration process, these services also take the necessary actions for you as quickly, in the right place and accurately as possible.

The company establishment service also saves the maximum cost during the procedures because it does not have to go and do the procedures like us.

It doesn’t take too long for us to take these steps, we can spend it on various things as we prepare for our future business.

The company establishment service also addresses the issues we need after successfully registering the company such as tax registration, information transmission, etc.

5. Frequently Asked Questions about the Incorporation Price of a Package Company

5.1 What costs are included in the company’s establishment price?

Expenses incurred in establishing the company include registration fees, notary fees, seals, headquarters fees, consulting fees, and other expenses such as paper fees, taxes and bills.

5.2 Is there any way to reduce the cost of establishing a company?

Comprehensive services can help reduce costs and ensure the accuracy of the introduction process. In addition, choosing an acceptable place to register, reducing the number of shareholders and stockholders’ equity is another way to reduce costs.

5.3 What percentage of the cost of establishing a company now is tax?

The cost of establishing a business does not include tax. However, after establishing the company, it must pay taxes and fees such as corporate income tax, revenue tax, businessman tax, etc.

5.4 Does the cost of establishing a company change over time?

The cost of establishing an enterprise may change over time as new laws and service charges change. Therefore, you need to update the information to estimate and plan the cost to start a business.

5.5 Where shall the application for establishment of the company be submitted in accordance with the regulations?

If you establish an individual economy, you must submit it to the district-level People’s Committee where the business economy is located… When you start a business, you send it to the Business Registration Office – Department of Planning and Investment. Investment. , where the head office of the company is located.

With just one comprehensive service, you don’t have to worry about the future of your business. There is a company establishment service with a full company establishment price to help you complete that. So easy, quick and risk-free to set up. Please contact VIET MY LAW AND ACCOUNTING when you need to establish your own business.

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