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Establishing a business establishment service company in 2024

Establishing a business establishment service company must fulfill the obligation to implement measures on time, without incurring costs according to the completed contract, and must have full consulting support for business owners for The company’s new leadership team. At Viet My, you are guaranteed all three things above when establishing a full-service business. We have established a high-quality low-cost company in Hanoi for more than 10 years. Our lawyers have understood the most suitable business method for customers and at the same time understand the problems. The future is about business owners. Let’s see if the legal analysis below is what you know about startups!

1. Why should you use company establishment services?

Establishing a business establishment service company are the optimal solution for businesses in the early stages of establishing a company.

When registering to use Viet My’s comprehensive business establishment service, you will have all your questions answered about whether your business is eligible to be established or not, and what type of business should you choose? The steps involved to set up a company, documents are also in the form of budget estimates, etc. At the same time, customers are consulted on special related issues such as:

  • Choose a name for your business and how to name it appropriately and comply with national regulations.
  • Propose and estimate a reasonable share capital level.
  • Prepare business management plans and recruit key personnel.
  • All accounting operations, taxes, invoices, documents,…

At the same time as the consulting process, if customers trust Viet My, the company will quickly complete business opening procedures in accordance with legal regulations and procedures. Viet My Company meets all the requirements for the business service package you choose.

2. Process of establishing a business establishment service company

After receiving information from the customer, Viet My proceeds to sign a legal service contract based on the agreement between the parties.

Based on the information provided by the customer, Viet My prepares the company registration documents in Hanoi and then transfers the documents to the customer for approval and signature.

2.1 Consulting before establishing a business company

a. Consulting on company naming

To avoid naming the company causing duplication or confusion with other companies, it is important to note:

The company name consists of two parts in the following order: Company type “joint stock company or joint stock company or private company or company” plus the real name written in the Vietnamese alphabet.

The company’s foreign name is the name translated from the Vietnamese name.

The company’s abbreviated name is written in Vietnamese or foreign language.

b. Consulting on establishing company headquarters

The company’s headquarters is the business’s contact address, determined by administrative boundaries and including phone numbers, fax numbers and email addresses (if any).

Do not register company headquarters in apartments or collectives;

After registering the company, the sign must be hung at the company’s headquarters for the duration of its operation.

c. Consulting on share capital when establishing a business

Share capital is the total value of assets that members donated or were obligated to contribute when establishing the company.
Members must contribute full capital within 90 working days from the date of company registration.

d. Consulting on business registration

According to the Company Law 2020, business lines are divided into three groups.
Prohibited activities: The rationale behind this regulation is that prohibited activities may harm national defense, security, order, social safety, traditions, history, culture and morality. , Vietnamese customs and traditions and human health, destroying natural resources and destroying the environment.

Conditional industry: is an economic industry in which commercial investment activities in that industry or profession must meet the conditions and bases of national defense, national security, social order, safety, and ethics. , society and public health. – Independent business field: Businesses only need to register.

e. Consulting on the number of members/shareholders participating in establishing the company

Meeting a sufficient number of parties involved in establishing a business is one of the criteria that need to be considered when negotiating to establish a store.

A joint stock company has two or more members: At least 02 and at most 50 people.

One-member joint stock company: has only 01 member who is an individual or company;

Joint stock company: has at least 02 members who are co-owners of the company, in addition, members can contribute capital;

Private company: 01 person.

g. Consulting on choosing the type of business

Which company to choose or not to choose? Advantages and disadvantages of each type of business.

Process of establishing a business establishment service company
Process of establishing a business establishment service company

2.2 What Customers Need to Provide When Using Business Start-up Services

  • Name, address and legal representative of the company;
  • 1 copy of the citizen’s identification/identification card (or passport) of the person in charge of the business (notarized or certified);
  • Think about the type of company you want and of course we’ll help you with this.

2.3 Procedures for the Implementation of Viet America’s Business Start-up Services

a. Data reception and processing

Viet My accountant receives information provided by customers. Next, we will advise and answer your questions so that we can make the right choice for your business.

b. Consulting for solutions

Once the appropriate type is selected, Viet My Accountant will advise specifically on the optimal procedures, work procedures and solutions to meet your needs as quickly as possible.

c. Negotiate and conclude a contract

If you decide to use our services, Viet My Accountant will conclude a contract with you after consulting a consultant.

d. Service Performance

Viet My Accountant represents customers to perform the procedures and accounting most quickly and accurately. We always supervise the implementation of the service and send experts to advise customers of related measures.

e. Contractual arrangements and extensions

Upon completion of all documents and procedures. Viet My accountant transferred all documents, documents, and books to customers. In addition, we are always ready to help you with troubleshooting if you encounter legal problems during your business operations. We promise to follow you every step of the way.

Most of the procedures for establishing a company and setting up a business are similar except for some conditional industries, readers can refer to our procedures for establishing a law firm!

3. Why should you choose Viet My to use business establishment services?

Currently, on the market there are many units that can use company establishment services or open representative offices with many different fees. Should you put your trust in Viet My accounting?

a. Quality service partners of many domestic and foreign companies

Up to now, Viet My Accounting has been trusted by more than 10,000 large and small companies nationwide and abroad. With a consulting team with more than 10 years of experience working with domestic and international partners. Although there are many errors, we always try to improve for your feedback. Save costs with cheap and comprehensive quotes from A-Z

The comprehensive nationwide company establishment service shows two clear fees: 680,000 VND and 1,500,000 VND on the website. We support and solve all complex issues in the process of company establishment, corporate and corporate finance and other services on behalf of our customers. Committed to always providing services with the cheapest price and highest quality to customers.

b. Absolutely no additional cost

Unlike many other units with extremely cheap starting prices. Then entice customers to use other additional services to increase costs, in the end customers have to pay a huge fee. Viet My Accounting always advises and provides clear price lists, so customers can freely choose the package that suits their circumstances. Customers using Viet My Accounting’s services only have to pay the fee once, the fee will not appear in the future.
Initial tax declaration support and lifetime support

To best support customers, when you use Viet My Accounting’s company establishment service, our accounting team will help you file tax returns for free in the first 3 months and provide lifetime support if you have any. request. It is very good and affordable for small and medium-sized companies that do not have their own accounting system.

c. Experienced lawyers

Our team of lawyers is well-trained, most of our lawyers are selected from large and prestigious law schools. With more than 10 years of experience with domestic and foreign partners. We always listen to customer feedback to increasingly improve service quality. In addition, the enthusiasm and dedication of the Viet My lawyer team will advise 24/7 whenever you need it.

4. Frequently asked questions related to business establishment service companies

4.1 Are the costs of establishing a company or business accounted for?

The founder has the right to sign a contract for the establishment and operation of the enterprise before and during business registration (Article 18 of the Enterprise Law 2020), which includes the costs of establishing the enterprise. Plan reasonable costs after establishing the company.

4.2 What are the advantages of using Viet My’s company establishment services compared to other places?

We have a large team of dedicated, enthusiastic lawyers, ready to provide consulting support whenever you need it. If you are too busy to answer the phone during office hours, please leave your information and time. We will automatically contact you to notify you of the appropriate time and your request. Furthermore, when using our service, “no need to travel, no need to prepare documents, return results completely free of charge.”

4.3 When using the company establishment service, do I have to go to the business registration office to submit documents?

To use Viet My’s comprehensive company establishment service, you only need to provide us with information. We will advise you, draft documents and bring them to your home to sign, submit, receive and deliver. License directly to you.

4.4 Is it mandatory to register a bank account when establishing a company?

Businesses must register a bank account to perform any money-related activities. Businessmen come to the bank with their seal, business license and identity card to register to open an account. Then carry out the procedures to report this account number to the Ministry of Planning and Investment.

4.5 Does the company establishment service include consulting fees?

Before establishing a company, we always listen to customers’ needs and provide free consultation on all necessary information related to company establishment.

Business establishment service company are launched with the aim of helping young entrepreneurs complete the process easier and faster. Usually this is done by accountants with many years of experience to classify books and documents and carry out registration procedures most effectively without spending too much time and money. In addition, LUAT VA KE TOAN VIET MY also provides free consulting and support for business-related services.Establish a full-service business establishment service company in 2024. Refer to the professional and reputable service process of Viet My company


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