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Do you need to use company establishment service in Binh Tan district to start a business in the Binh Tan area? Do you want to apply for a Business License in Binh Tan? You have no experience and need a reliable place to get advice on business establishment procedures or business licenses? Viet My will be a perfect choice for you.

1. Consulting on establishing a company in Binh Tan district

Viet My Company is always proud to be a legal consulting unit providing professional company establishment services in Binh Tan district such as:

  • Establish a reputable and professional company.
  • Register your company business legally, do not travel many times, at the right time, at the right time.
  • Consulting on issues related to company establishment and company registration in a reasonable manner, from company registration procedures, taxes to be paid, tax declaration, …. so that you are always satisfied and feel secure in production and business.
  • Establish a company for foreigners in Binh Tan and get a business license for foreigners in the best way.
    Issue a business license to the company, serve on request 24/24 and as quickly as possible.
  • Change business license according to law, as required, on time and date.
  • Change of company registration.
  • Termination of company operations, termination of branch operations: Legally and quickly.
  • Company establishment services, company registration, business license legalization, and business license changes serve you according to your needs. In particular, all commercial licenses are conditional, which cannot be done elsewhere.

2. Procedures for establishing a company in Binh Tan district

Binh Tan District, Ho Chi Minh City is considered a potential environment for business investment thanks to its favorable geographical location and increasingly advanced and complete infrastructure. In recent years, the development of Ho Chi Minh City and especially the Binh Tan area has attracted many investors. Therefore, learning about the Binh Tan area, the difficulties of starting a business here as well as consulting on starting a business at Viet My Binh Tan is extremely important.

2.1 Customers need to provide information to complete procedures to establish a company in Binh Tan district

  • Name provided by the company
  • Company headquarters address at the time of registration
  • The company registers share capital to establish a company
  • Production and business direction of the company
  • Identity card or passport data
  • Enter the contact’s phone number
  • Once we receive your details, we will contact you directly to discuss the position, arrange working hours, sign the application and submit it.
  • We provide free consultation on the completion commitment package and complete the commitment for you.

2.2 Process of establishing a company in Binh Tan district

If you want to establish a business in the Binh Tan area and use Viet My’s services, the process for customers using Viet My’s company establishment service in Binh Tan district will be carried out according to the following steps: after:

Step 1: Viet My receives documents and requests from customers:

For customer convenience, Viet My receives information and request documents from customers directly to the company office or via Hotline phone number. After that, Viet My staff will arrange a meeting for legal advice.

Step 2. Ask customers for legal advice on establishing a business in the Binh Tan area including the following contents:

Subjects to establishing a business in the Binh Tan area: You and your associates (if any) must meet the conditions that the law does not prohibit or restrict from establishing a business.

  • Company name: Viet My advises customers on choosing a suitable company according to the provisions of law. When naming a company, you must choose a company name that cannot be copied and is not prohibited by law. The company name is not exactly the same, the company name can be given in English or abbreviated to facilitate company transactions.
  • Company capital: Capital can be invested in assets such as Vietnam Dong, freely convertible currency, gold, farming rights, intellectual property rights, technology, technical know-how and other assets Can be priced in Vietnam Dong. From there, Viet My advises customers on determining the initial capital when starting a business in the Binh Tan area.
  • About the company’s headquarters: The company’s headquarters is located in the territory of Vietnam, is the company’s contact address and is determined according to the geographical boundaries of the administrative unit; you have a phone number, fax number and email address (if available). The company address must be clear and precise, as several companies may be located at one address.
  • Choose the appropriate form of business: Currently, according to the law, there are types of companies including: Limited liability company, One-member limited liability company, Company with two or more members, Company Limited liability, Private enterprise. To choose the appropriate type of company, you can refer to the article: Types of companies according to the latest company law! before contacting Viet My or asking us for advice.
  • Choosing a field of operation in the Binh Tan area: The law allows working in fields and occupations that are not prohibited by law. The current system of economic sectors and fields is listed in Decision No. 27/2018/QD-TTg. You have the right to choose or ask Viet My to advise and choose according to the company’s business needs.

2.3 Benefits when using company establishment services in Binh Tan District

Benefits when using company establishment services in Binh Tan District
Benefits when using company establishment services in Binh Tan District
  • Service costs for establishing a company in Binh Tan district are always on par with market prices
  • Receive free advice from Viet My experts on the type of company, business lines suitable to reality, the initial capital amount suitable to the company’s industry, and choose a company name in accordance with regulations. and choose the abbreviation according to your needs. It can be . Confirmation is always on time. Only 3-5 days for commercial license and 1 day for round seal. No need to travel.
  • Viet My’s consultants will prepare the documents, come to sign the documents, issue the license and stamp. DNL Consulting has a team of experienced, highly specialized experts with in-depth knowledge of legal issues and business establishment procedures. We can advise customers and provide suitable solutions to help them register their business.
  • Professional working process, quick license issuance and delivery time for companies.
  • Viet My always tries to provide the most prestigious and highest quality services. Ensuring no additional costs arise, we are committed to implementing quickly and reducing the minimum amount of time needed by customers.

3. Things to do after establishing a company in Binh Tan district

During the process of establishing the company, Viet My always closely monitored the process before, during and after the establishment, answered all questions and provided enthusiastic support. After completing the service, you need to do the following procedures.

  • Open a business account and register to pay taxes electronically.
  • The company logo is engraved on the headquarters. The tax authority will check the tax laws and if it is found that the company does not have a company name plate, the tax authority may stop this.
  • For corporate license tax payments, file and pay royalties online with an electronic signature. (If your company does not have an electronic digital signature, you must purchase an electronic digital signature to complete this step of paying license tax).
  • Register to declare taxes online and pay taxes electronically at the tax agency or bank where you have an account. Contact the tax authority to make your first tax declaration. Please register to use electronic invoices (for newly established businesses) and notify the tax authority about the issuance of electronic invoices at least 02 days before use. At this point, the company has completed the opening procedures. This regulation requires companies to submit tax reports and prepare monthly/quarterly and annual accounting records as part of their business operations. Businesses should hire accountants with expertise and experience in making tax reports or hire accounting services in Vietnam to prepare tax reports, saving maximum costs for businesses.
  • In addition to company establishment services in Binh Tan district, Viet My also provides services to complete accounting, tax settlement, company liquidation, change of business license (company name, company location), change the type of business, increase or decrease charter capital, change the establishment of a company, etc. We also provide company member services, business form changes…) quickly and at low cost. Readers can refer to the article on business establishment service companies for more information.

4. Frequently asked questions

4.1 In the first year of establishing a company in Binh Duong, do you pay license tax?

According to Decree 22/2020/ND-CP issued on February 24, 2020, newly established companies are exempt from license tax in the first year of establishment. Therefore, after the company is established in that year, it does not have to pay consumption tax and from the next year onwards only has to pay registration tax and license tax.

4.2 How many business lines can be registered when establishing a company?

Enterprise Law No. 68/2014 stipulates: Companies can register unlimited business fields, except those prohibited by law. Therefore, many occupations can be recorded in business registration documents.

4.3 Establishing a company in Binh Tan district, is there a prescribed headquarters address?

For private residences, a specific address is required to determine the head office location. In the case of houses, in most cases they cannot be the location of a company unless the investor applies for the function of a shop or office.

4.4 Does the name of the business determine the business line?

Company and business names are unrelated. A division indicates a division of a company, but the company name has nothing to do with that division. Therefore, you can name your company whatever you like.

4.5 Who has the right to establish a company in Binh Tan district?

According to the law, customers must be over 18 years old to establish a business in Binh Duong province and are not allowed to establish and operate a business. As for civil servants, because civil servants receive remittances by investing in shares on stock exchanges, etc., they are only allowed to invest in joint stock companies.

Above is an overview of consulting on company establishment services in Binh Tan district on how to establish a business and company registration procedures based on the actual socio-economic situation. Binh Tan District and current regulations. However, within the scope of this article, it is not possible to address all the needs and questions of readers. For more direct advice or steps to take, please contact LUAT VA KE TOAN VIET MY. Our staff will be happy to answer your questions and troubleshoot any problems you may have.

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