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Full package company establishment service in Tay Ninh in 2024

Please contact Viet My’s company establishment service in Tay Ninh today to save the most cost, time and effort for company registration. To establish a company, you must first carry out company establishment procedures (apply for a business registration certificate). It can be said that this is a mandatory legal process designed so that a company can operate legal business.

1. Reasons you should register to use Viet My’s company establishment service in Tay Ninh

Viet My advises on legal procedures before establishing a business, especially on:

  • Consulting on choosing a business form and business field suitable for long-term development orientation.
  • Consulting on the level of share capital depends on the company’s financial capacity and ensures compliance with the capital requirements of the company’s conditional business lines.
  • Only by correctly confirming the company registration code can you avoid affecting the company’s operations in the future.
  • Please ensure that the proposed name is not duplicated or inaccurate according to the provisions of the Enterprise Law 2020. In that case, Viet My will advise and suggest to customers how to transfer the name properly according to regulations. and in accordance with feng shui.
  • Consulting on choosing a location for headquarters according to current regulations.

1.1 Steps of Viet My’s company establishment service process in Tay Ninh

Step 1: Get business registration information from the customer and sign the contract

Step 2: Discuss any questions about documents and legal procedures before registering for establishment

Step 3: Draft and complete business establishment documents as required by Tay Ninh Department of Planning and Investment

Step 4: Customer representative submits application at Tay Ninh Provincial Administrative Center.

Please comply with the paperwork process and work with relevant authorities until the company establishment procedures are completed.

Step 5: Customer representative receives business registration certificate and company seal

Step 6: Return results according to customer requests

1.2 Benefits when using company establishment services in Tay Ninh

With 16 years of professional experience, Viet My is familiar with regulations and legal requirements and has a lot of practical experience in conducting business establishment procedures. Therefore, Viet My confidently brings quality service experience and maximum savings in costs and implementation time.

Here are the reasons why you should register to use the company establishment service in Tay Ninh from Viet My:

a. Customers experience reputable and professional services that many businesses trust every year

Viet My is recognized as one of the leading companies providing not only legal, accounting, tax and other business-related services in general but also business establishment services in particular. With extensive experience and a highly specialized team, Viet Mai has accompanied and supported more than 20,000 domestic and foreign customers in 63 provinces and cities each year to establish businesses in Vietnam.

This can be said to be one of the proofs that Viet My has become a first-class company and won the absolute trust of customers. Therefore, customers choose Viet My every time they need business establishment, legal and tax accounting services.

b. Full service costs are transparent and public – Commitment to no additional costs

Another reason why customers trust and use Viet My is transparent costs. In particular, Viet My commits not to collect new fees after sending incentives. All specific information related to company registration fees (including service fees and state fees) are made public and transparent by Viet My in the contract so that customers can feel completely secure when using Viet My’s services. .

c. Service performance speed is fast and on time

Outstanding advantages include fast working speed and always accurate and timely processing of procedures. This is also the reason why customers remember and use business establishment services at Viet My.

As Viet My mentioned above, the time to complete Viet My’s company establishment service in Tay Ninh is 3-5 working days from the date of receiving valid documents.

In addition, Viet My also provides company establishment services in other provinces such as company establishment services in Binh Dinh, company establishment services in Binh Thuan… readers can refer to this for more information.

d. 100% free support for many services related to company establishment

If you use this service to establish a business in Viet My, in addition to optimizing costs and introduction time, you will also receive free support for the following 6 services.

  • Consulting on regulations and legal procedures before and after establishment.
  • We will notarize all necessary papers and documents during the procedure.
  • Delivery of documents and delivery of business licenses to your door upon request (via VNPost’s service).
  • Announcement of company establishment on the National Electronic Information Portal.
  • Support steps: opening a bank account, registering a digital signature, using electronic invoices, filing taxes for the first time…
  • Tax and accounting consulting for all business activities.

2. Preparation steps to establish a company in Tay Ninh

Legal representative and owner: at least 18 years old, have a valid ID card, citizen identification card or passport and are not prohibited from establishing a company. The implementer must provide information about: Business address; Company name; Established capital; Company rules; Determine business field; Determine the type of business.

Cheap and reputable company establishment service in Tay Ninh
Cheap and reputable company establishment service in Tay Ninh

3. Procedures for establishing a business/company in Tay Ninh province

Step 1: Prepare Company Establishment Documents

To carry out company establishment procedures, customers only need to prepare notarized identification documents (Citizen ID) or copies of valid passports of the company’s founding members and shareholders.

Step 2: Create your company profile

Step 3: Submit business registration application

Address: 300 Cach Mang Thang 8, Ward 2 Tay Ninh Town, Tay Ninh Province

Step 4: Carve the company seal
Step 5: Enter business registration information

After being granted the Certificate of Business Registration, the enterprise submits the application to disclose information on establishment of the enterprise to the National Information Portal on business registration according to the provisions of law. The published content includes the content of the Company Registration Certificate and the following information.

  • Business
  • The list of shareholders is the founding shareholders and foreign investors of the joint stock company.
  • Time limit for posting business registration content: Within 30 days from the date of issuance of the Business Registration Certificate, the enterprise must post business registration content on the National Business Registration Portal .

Time to get results is 4-6 working days.

4. After establishing a company, what do you need to do?

Step 1: Register a bank account

The company must have a bank account on file to allow payment transactions via bank transfer or tax.

Necessary documents to open a bank account:

Of course, the bank account application must be signed by a company representative and clearly state your full name. Identify the legal representative of the business license. Notarized copy of business license. Notice of publication of seal samples

Step 2: Declare Registration + Pay Taxes in Advance

According to the law, newly established companies must declare license tax within 30 days from the date of receiving the license.

The tax rate is 2,000,000 VND for registered capital under 10 billion VND and the fee is 100,000 VND for companies established on or after July 1 of the year of establishment. A license tax of 3,000,000 VND will be applied to companies with registered capital of over 10 billion VND and a fee of 1,500,000 VND for companies established after July 1 of the year of establishment. Please check carefully whether the transmitted content is accurate.

Step 3: Register the VAT deduction calculation method

To issue a red invoice, the company submits form 06/GTGT ​​to the tax authority requesting the use of the withholding tax calculation method.

The company must submit its first tax return by the deadline. If by the deadline for submitting the first tax return, the taxpayer does not submit form 06/GTGT, the company will apply the direct tax calculation method.

Step 4: Register for an electronic signature

Register for a digital signature: Businesses should learn about and register with reputable service providers to receive immediate support when there are future service problems.

Step 5: Register for payment service

Before registering for invoicing services, businesses must send a declaration of invoice usage to the directly managing tax agency (form 01).

After sending the invoice, the company must wait for the tax authority to check at the headquarters to see if it is appropriate before sending the invoice or not?

5. Frequently asked questions related to company establishment services in Tay Ninh

5.1 How much capital must a company have to establish a company in Tay Ninh?

The initial capital depends on the financial condition of each company owner and the industry in which the company operates. However, in some activities that require legal capital, the minimum capital must be equal to the legal capital, with no limit on the maximum capital level.

5.2 Is it necessary to prove capital contribution after establishing a company in Tay Ninh?

Current enterprise law has eliminated the need to prove investment capital at the time of establishment.

5.3 Is it possible to increase charter capital while the company is not operating in Tay Ninh?

According to Article 34 and Article 18 of the Enterprise Law 2023, investment in share capital after registering share capital is during the operation process. Additional fixed capital as required.

5.4 In Tay Ninh, can a company have the same name as another company?

The company name must not cause confusion or be similar to other companies. Do not use words that violate Vietnamese culture, ethics, and fine customs.

5.5 Where to look up the company name?

Companies can use the “National Business Registration Portal” to search for company names and avoid duplication or confusion in naming.

Above is an article about company establishment services in Tay Ninh. LUAT VA KE TOAN VIET MY is proud to be a leading law firm supporting all legal issues, legal advice and documents for individual and business customers. Contact Viet My today for timely advice and support.

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