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Professional company establishment service in Nghe An in 2024

Company establishment service in Nghe An is the wish of every newly established company when establishing a company, because it is the beginning of everything. However, establishing a business that complies with the law is not simple. The question is how to start a business quickly, effectively and cost-effectively?

1. Company establishment service in Nghe An

Viet My Company is proud to be one of the reputable law firms in the field of providing comprehensive company establishment service in Nghe An for businesses in Nghe An, always ready to support and advise you throughout the process. company registration process. Effectively, quickly and professionally. You just need to let us know your wishes, desires, and business ideas and we will help you advise, prepare documents, and legal documents!

1.1 Information customers need to provide when using company establishment services in Nghe An

To complete the procedures for establishing a company, the company owner only needs to prepare the following information for Viet My to create a company profile: select company type, location Company name, headquarters address, Business lines, charter capital…

In addition to the necessary information that customers must provide after being consulted by Viet My, customers need to prepare the following documents to complete the company registration application:

  • Certified copy of ID card/Citizen identification card/Passport of the owner (for one-member limited liability company) and legal representative.
  • Authenticated copy of ID card/citizen identification card/passport of all capital contributing investors and founding shareholders (for 2-member limited liability company or limited liability company).
  • Location rental contract (if the address of the company registering the rental) (copy does not need to be notarized).
  • If the customer operates a conditional business line, Viet My recommends that the customer prepare additional related documents according to the provisions of law.

1.2 Benefits customers receive when using company establishment services in Nghe An

Viet My is always a consulting unit, accompanying many large and small businesses, operating in all fields of industry across the country. Viet My has gained the trust and confidence of many businesses across the country, stemming from the values ​​that Viet My promises to bring to customers when using Viet My’s services.

Viet My is committed to bringing outstanding benefits and values ​​to any customer using company establishment services at Viet My, specifically as follows:

Business lawyers provide comprehensive advice to clients on all legal conditions related to businesses, completely free of charge. Consulting on all costs related to establishing and maintaining a company so that customers can plan and estimate the costs of establishing a company from the beginning.

Viet My has a full range of legal services for the company’s future business activities.

Viet My’s lawyers have many years of experience in the industry and will provide legal advice to businesses throughout their operations and control possible legal risks of the business.

All legal issues of customers will be resolved quickly, legally and at optimal cost, especially customers do not have to go out but just need to stay at home.

When Viet My provides legal consulting services to customers, it will sign a clear legal service contract.

Commit to taking responsibility for consultation results and work performed.

Don’t incur undeclared expenses in the first place. Transparency and clarity in all work performed for clients.

Viet My has hundreds of professional, talented and experienced employees, associates and partners in most fields and across the country. Therefore, Viet My is committed to ensuring that all legal issues are thoroughly resolved for customers, no matter where they are.

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2. Documents to register a company in Nghe An

A set of business registration documents submitted to the Ministry of Planning and Investment usually includes the following documents:

  • Application to establish a business;
  • Company rules;
  • List of capital contributing members/founding shareholders;
  • Copy of identification documents of capital contributing members/founding shareholders.

These types of documents will be easier if you use the services of Viet My company, because you only need to provide us with a certified copy of the investor/shareholder’s ID card/citizen identification card. The founder of the business you envision. Other tasks such as: drafting documents, submitting online documents, editing documents, submitting paper documents and obtaining business registration results will be done on your behalf by the company.

Company establishment service in Nghe An are reputable collectively
Company establishment service in Nghe An are reputable collectively

3. Procedures for establishing a company in Nghe An

Step 1: Draft documents to carry out company establishment procedures

To complete the procedures to establish a domestic company, you need a notarized copy of the ID card (citizen identification card) or valid passport of the members, founding shareholders or legal representatives.

Step 2: Write company profile

  • Business registration form.
  • Drafting the Charter;
  • List of members of two-member limited liability companies, list of founding shareholders of joint stock companies;
  • Valid copy of one of the following documents:
  • Personal legal records, members are individuals, legal representatives;
  • Legal documents for organizations whose members are organizations and documents appointing authorized representatives;
  • Personal legal documents for authorized representatives of organizational members.
  • Decide on capital contributions of company members and corporate shareholders who are organizations;

Step 3: Apply for a certificate

Apply for a business registration certificate at the Business Department, Department of Planning and Investment of Nghe An Province Address no. 20, Truong Thi Street, Binh City, Nghe An Province. or via Website: Nghe An province electronic information portal

Step 4: Carve the company seal

Step 5: Enter your business registration information data

After receiving the certificate of registered company, according to the law, the company must send a request to the national company registration portal to publish data from the company register. Information disclosure content includes the content of the Company Registration Certificate and the following information:

  • Business;
  • The list of shareholders includes founding shareholders of public companies and foreign investors.
  • Time limit for publishing the business registration content: The company must publish the registration content of the registered enterprise on the National Business Registration Portal within 30 days from the date of receipt of the Certificate of Business Registration. business registration certificate.

Processing time is 4-6 working days.

4. Expenses that must be incurred when establishing a company

Cost of establishing a company in Nghe An province

  • State fee: Application fee 150,000 VND/01 (including fee for announcing company registration content)
  • Cost of engraving company seal: 300,000 VND/1 round seal for good companies
  • Fee for purchasing electronic signature: 1,150,000 VND (1 year). These costs are mandatory for any company to comply with the law, as corporate tax returns are supported by digital signatures.
  • Fee for creating and purchasing electronic invoices: 600,000/100 electronic invoices

State taxes must be paid when establishing a company in Nghe An

After establishment, the company pays the following taxes and fees depending on the nature of its business activities.

  • License fee: 2,000,000 VND/1 year (Free license for the first year of establishment)
  • Corporate tax: Based on the company’s revenue situation (tax calculated based on the number of invoices issued as a basis for calculating the company’s revenue)
  • Corporate tax = (taxable income – all reasonable, effective and legal expenses of the company) x tax rate of 20% (or depending on whether the company’s goods/services enjoy preferential treatment) tax incentives or not). The corporate tax rate may be lower, or not at 20%).
  • Participate in employee social insurance (if the company has a labor contract with the employee).

5. Frequently asked questions related to company establishment services in Nghe An

5.1 What are the issues that need to be done after establishing a company?

Once you have received your business registration license in Nghe An province, you must follow these steps: Submit your first tax return, open a bank account, issue invoices, buy digital signature equipment and wear a badge. your company brand. Coming to Viet My’s establishment service, you will be supported with all post-establishment procedures as a consultant.

5.2 Can one person represent multiple companies at the same time?

Contents related to the company’s legal representative are as prescribed in Article 13 of the Law on Enterprises (2020). Accordingly, the law does not prohibit individuals from acting as legal representatives of many subjects.

5.3 Can the company have many legal representatives?

The law does not prohibit an individual from representing two companies. It only requires that a company may have one or more legal representatives. Therefore, entrepreneurs can act as legal representatives of many companies.

5.4 Can public employees establish businesses?

According to Article 17, Clause 2 of the Company Law (2020), organizations and individuals who do not have the right to establish and manage companies in Vietnam are civil servants who do not have the right to establish and manage companies. A direct company can only establish and operate one company. Contribute capital but are not allowed to participate in the management and administration of the company, unless otherwise prescribed by specialized laws.

5.5 What is the age allowed to establish a business?

The minimum age to register to establish a company as prescribed in Article 17 of the Enterprise Law is a person over 18 years old who is allowed to provide capital to establish and operate a company.

LUAT VA KE TOAN VIET MY has a team of experienced lawyers and a team of enthusiastic consultants, dedicated to meeting all customer needs in the most professional and satisfactory way regarding company establishment services in Nghe An. Customers can completely feel secure in choosing our services, we guarantee that we will satisfy you.

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