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Company establishment service in Binh Duong is cheap from only 680k

Binh Duong is one of the most developed provinces in our country, that’s why many people have chosen to establish companies in Binh Duong to develop. Establishing a company in Binh Duong involves many stages and procedures, so it can prolong implementation time if you do not clearly understand the documents, procedures, and establishment process with the competent authority. Using Viet My’s fast company establishment service in Binh Duong is the top and right choice if you want to establish a company quickly and legally. Please refer to Viet My’s quick company establishment service in Binh Duong through the article below.

1. Company establishment service in Binh Duong package of Viet My

Are you studying the service to company establishment service in Binh Duong package? What should I prepare? Right down here we’ll list as well as analyze it for you.

1.1 Documents requesting company establishment services in Binh Duong

Pursuant to Articles 22, 23, and 24 of the 2020 Enterprise Law (as amended by Decree 01/2021/ND-CP) stipulated in the dossier of establishment of the company, specifically the dossier shall include:

  • The request for enterprise registration in the form is stipulated in Circular 01/2022/TT-PM MPI.
  • Draft company charter for cases of establishment of a one-member limited company, establishment of a two-member limited company, establishment of a joint-stock company, establishment of a partnership.
  • Written authorization of the applicant in case the applicant is not a legal representative of the company
  • List of members (Company with 2 or more members) or List of founding shareholders (Stock Company).
  • Copies of Personal Certificates such as ID cards, CCCD cards, passports of owners and members of capital contribution and shareholders.
  • Other papers are subject to the law on the form and conditions of the chosen profession.

1.2 Procedures to be done when establishing a company

Step 1: Prepare implementation documents for establishment of the company

Step 2: Submit the application to the competent authority for business registration at the provincial level

After preparing all the documents, submit them to the Business Registration Department of the Department of Planning and Investment where the company plans to establish its head office.
Application settlement period: 3 business days from receipt of a valid application.

Step 3: After submitting a valid application, the company will receive an email notification of approval and go to the business registration office to receive a certificate of business registration.

Step 4: After the Certificate is issued, the contents of enterprise registration must be publicly announced on the National Portal about enterprise registration. The disclosures will include the contents of the Certificate of Enterprise Registration and the following information:

  • Business sectors and occupations;
  • List of founding shareholders; list of foreign investors for joint stock companies (if any).

The deadline for the publication of the contents of enterprise registration shall be 30 days as prescribed from the date on which the Certificate is issued.

Step 5: According to the 2020 Enterprise Law, companies are required to engrave their own seals, take legal responsibility for the use of corporate seals, and do not need to publish stamp form notices.

Step 6: Buy a digital signature (token)

Step 7: Register to open a company bank account

Step 8: Sub-license registration for conditional business sectors

In addition, depending on the company’s business registration, a number of popular sub-licenses such as: Food Sanitation Certificates (provided to companies and enterprises in manufacturing) may be issued. food trade); Fire prevention certificate (applicable to almost all industries); Business license (applicable to transportation business corporations);… and other sub-licenses in Vietnam’s conditional business sector system.

1.2  Table of general costs of establishing a Binh Duong company

Work Cost Revenue agency/organization
Register for establishment of an enterprise – 50,000 VND;

– Fee exemption for enterprises and companies registered to establish via electronic network (according to Circular 47/2019/TT-BTC).

Business Registration Department – Department of Planning & Investment where the company is located.
Publication of the contents of business registration 100,000 VND (Circular 47/2019/TT-BTC). Business Registration Department – Department of Planning & Investment where the company is located.
Engrave seal samples (Including: Company seal, title stamp) From 200,000 to 500,000 VND (depending on the price of each unit). Seal engraving units.
Card fee – Charter capital is less than 10 billion, subject fee: VND 2,000,000/year.

– Charter capital is over 10 billion, subject fee: VND 3,000,000/year.

Opening a bank account Note: Although there is no cost of opening an account, there will be a cost of signing a trust 01 million VND (may vary due to different policies of banks). Banking institutions.
Buy electronic invoices About 850,000 VND/300 bills. Units providing electronic invoice services.
Buy digital signature About 02 million – 03 million VND/1 year (depending on the price of the supplier and time of use). The units also provide digital signature services.
Sign making fee From 200,000 – 300,000 VND. Marine units.

1.3 Time

Time to issue business registration certificate: 3 – 5 working days from the date of submitting all valid documents;

Time for posting announcements and engraving seals: 3 – 5 working days from the date of submitting all valid documents;

Tax declaration, registration to use electronic invoices and notification of invoice issuance: 15 – 20 working days from the date of submitting all valid documents.

Company establishment service in Binh Duong package of Viet My
Company establishment service in Binh Duong package of Viet My

2. What benefits will you receive when choosing services at Viet My?

When choosing the fast company establishment service in Binh Duong in 2024 at Viet My, you will receive extremely attractive benefits such as:

  • Get detailed advice on documents and procedures for establishing a company
  • Don’t have to worry about legal issues when using Viet My’s services
  • Procedure time is optimized with the fastest time according to regulations
  • Costs are consistent with customer requirements

3. Conditions for establishing a company in Binh Duong

Host Conditions

  • Having an ID card/Citizen ID/ Passport;
  • Have full capacity for civil acts; ;
  • Not subject to non-business establishment as stipulated; ;

Conditions for naming companies

  • The name of the enterprise must be written in Vietnamese, which can be accompanied by numbers and symbols but must be pronounced and must have at least two components: the type of enterprise and the name of the enterprise.
  • Do not have the same name or name that is easily confused with the names of other registered businesses.
  • The name of the enterprise must be written or affixed at the head office, branches and representative offices of the enterprise.
  • The name of the enterprise written in a foreign language is the name translated from the name in Vietnamese to the corresponding foreign language. When translated into a foreign language, the firm’s unique name may remain the same or be translated in the corresponding sense into a foreign language.
  • The initials of the enterprise are abbreviated from names in Vietnamese or foreign languages.
  • State agencies, People’s Armed Forces units, names of political organizations, political and social organizations, socio-political organizations and professional organizations may not be used. (Except with the approval of such agency, unit or organization).
  • Personal names must not contain words that are sensitive and violate fine customs.

Conditions for Head Office of the company

Based on Article 42 of the 2020 Enterprise Law, “The head office of the enterprise is located in the territory of Vietnam, is the contact address of the enterprise and is determined by administrative unit location; there are telephone numbers, fax numbers and e-mails (if any). Head office addresses are usually set as follows:

“Number of houses with street name + name of ward/ commune/ town + name of district/town/city in province + city under central/province”

If the head office is located without a house number or a road name, it must be confirmed by the locality that the address does not have a house number and road name and submitted with the business registration file. If the address is intended to be rented or rented as an office building in an apartment building or house, it is recommended to check whether that apartment document has a commercial function or an office before signing a lease contract.

The company must notify the business registrar of the opening period at its head office within 15 days from the date of issuance of the Certificate.

Conditions of the line of business

According to regulations, the company has the right to do business in any profession that is not prohibited by law and needs to register business with the Registration Authority before operating. Before establishing a company, it is necessary to consider whether the company intends to do business is on the list of prohibited or conditional businesses (the conditions that the company must satisfy fully before it can be registered for operation) in order to conduct the business in accordance with regulations.

Conditions on Charter Capital

According to current Enterprise Law, there are no specific regulations on the minimum or maximum charter capital. Unless the registered business sector requires legal capital, the charter capital will not be less than this legal capital.

4. Frequently Asked Questions When Understanding Company Establishment Services in Binh Duong

Here are some frequently asked questions when starting a company. Which questions, find out right below.

4.1 Does the establishment of a company require permanent residence registration?

The establishment of the company will not be based on the permanent residence of the company’s founder, but can be established in any province when there is a need to do business in that province.

4.2 Which agency issues a business registration certificate?

The competent State agency issuing the Certificate of Registration for Establishment of Enterprises in Vietnam includes:

– At the provincial level: Business Registration Department under the Department of Planning & Investment.

– At the district level: The Finance – Planning Department of the District People’s Committee performs household business registration.

4.3 Who signed contracts for the establishment of the company prior to the establishment of the company?

Before the establishment of the company, the person who signed contracts for the establishment of the company was the person representing the individual or group who wanted to establish the company.

4.4 How many forms of company registration are there?

There are two forms of company registration: direct registration at the business registration agency or online registration.

4.5 Do we need to make a company sign?

Enterprises will be required to hang company signs at their headquarters with the following contents: Name of the supervising agency (the Certificate Authority of Enterprise Registration), name of the company, headquarters address, phone number or email (if any).

Above is Viet My’s company establishment service in Binh Duong. In case you have difficulty preparing documents or have questions about issues related to company establishment, immediately contact LUAT VA KE TOAN VIET MY for further advice and to receive additional incentives!



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